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More details on the planned WWE Network

Reported by Adam Martin of

Some new details have been revealed regarding plans for the upcoming WWE television network. The network is one of the main reasons for the “WWE” rebranding move in recent weeks with the idea being they are going to provide their own network and don’t want it perceived as a “pro wrestling channel.” The idea is to air new scripted programming in addition to other programming they would already carry in the huge library of stock footage. The company is currently in the process of digitizing this library and attempting to upgrade some to HD. This of course will be a very slow process. The network is also expected to host other entities they can’t land TV deals for (examples include NXT, Superstars and other recap shows that only air internationally). Reports continue to point to the YES Network as being a major role model for this new WWE network.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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17 Responses

  1. tk says:

    so vince will have his own channel now???

  2. Ky stud says:

    I smell XFL part II lol

  3. Toronto says:

    This is actually not a terrible idea.

  4. Mackdeezy says:

    Again, this reminds me of WWE crush hour! Pretty soon, Vince will own all of TV! just like in the game. Can’t wait till ‘Cooking with Kane’ begins! Lol

    But I knew the WWE renaming had something to do with the channel, maybe Vince isn’t as senile as we thought. I mean, he still has a passion for wrestling, don’t get him wrong. Raw is one of the longest running shows on TV (excluding soapes) thanks to him. He has wrestling in his blood. Sure some of the things he’s done as of late would make Vince Sr. Turn in his grave, but Vince hasn’t completely gone haywire.

  5. Mshelez says:

    Hope it becomes part of my basic Dish package but I have a feeling it won’t. *sigh*

  6. Korey Parker says:

    When will Vince step back and look at his reports and say “okay, I won. Perhaps a seven year vacation is in order”.

  7. james says:

    Hopefully its not one of them pay extra $15 a month for channels like HBO and Showtime.

  8. advo319 says:

    Mshelez, you could always call and ask when it gets closer to launch.

  9. cold says:

    they wouldn’t have to charge for it, that would be pointless unless they were gonna air the monthly PPV’s on the channel too, Plus they would make enough money in Advertising to make up for it.

  10. James says:

    Maybe the resurrection of the WBF is coming, too.

  11. deathedge says:

    predicted programs:XFL, WBF, Tuesday Night Titans, Confedential, WWE Anime, Cooking With Kane, The Life of the Cobra, and the Abraham Washington Show.

  12. truth says:

    I simply love reading the few people that criticize Vince for the few mistakes he’s made (i.e: XFL)… because yea, like ANY ONE (namely the following that commented: Ky, Mack, & Deathedge) that has ever read this site or watched any wrestling program will ever be lucky enough to achieve the amount of success he’s had in a fraction of his life.

    Envy is a nasty thing.. & it’s oh so easy to make fun of such a successful man on the internet… not to mention hilariously pathetic.

  13. Mackdeezy says:

    ^^ I wasn’t making fun if him. I was talking in a critique-esque manner, but of course Vince is smart and successful, that’s proven, no matter what he’s done

  14. Craig says:

    @ truth

    hey Vince, what’s up!

  15. Nuff Said says:

    How about a half hour list of programs including Pipers Pit, The Peep Show, Khali’s Kiss Cam, and of course the Brother Love Show

  16. chris says:

    If they runn it like the Yes Network, then this could very well be one of Vince’s best ideas ever. I just hope he doesn’t have bais like Yes does, and only show certain wrestlers in matches they lose.

    And FYI, the above statement is a play on a running complaint by Yes announcer Ken Singleton about the YES network only showing classic Yankees games in which the Yankees win, and not many other classic games the Yankees were in, but lost.

  17. mshelez says:

    Piper’s Pit! That would actually be a good idea.

    If they made a show where the wrestlers had a ‘talk show’ so to speak, then it might free them up for time to wrestle in the ring and it could give more air time to the less used wrestlers. Hmmmm Of course, then I would definitely have to get the channel, otherwise I’d miss out on the storylines.

    @advo319, thats a good idea. Thanks!

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