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Possible 7th match for Extreme Rules

– Dave Meltzer is reporting that Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus for the US Title might be added to Extreme Rules tomorrow night. This was the plan as of a few days ago but as always thing change fast in WWE.

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  1. daniel says:

    y wudd they do this kofi is of raw, sheamus is from smackdown they have already 2 many matches with diff brands.

  2. Jesper says:

    @ Daniel:

    Maybe to let the US Title stay at Raw with Kofi. And let Sheamus get into the WTC race on Smackdown. Just a guess

  3. alicia says:

    Ya because both ic and us title is now on smackdown

  4. Anony-mouse says:

    I think they should leave both the US and IC titles on Smackdown and have Alberto Del Rio win the WHC and take it to Raw…. I hate Del Rio and I REALLY don’t think he deserves the title, but it’s the only way for that to be possible…. I just think it would be interesting to have both main titles on Raw and both secondary titles on Smackdown… If Smackdown only had the US and IC titles, then everyone on the show would vie for those titles and it would give them some importance again rather than just having them be a stepping stone for someone on their way to a WWE or WH title.

    Back when people like Macho Man and Triple H and Austin and The Rock had the IC belt people looked at them AND that belt with respect.. these days, those belt are a joke and it sucks to say that, but it’s true.

    The US and IC belts need more credibility and this seems to be a good way to do it

  5. TakerNGN74 says:

    They are probably doing this to have one midcard title on Smackdown and one midcard title on Raw.

  6. Pieman says:

    It wouldn’t surprise if this was the beginning of the IC/US title unification in time for Wrestlemania or even Summerslam.

  7. Kyle Christie says:

    What they should have done if Edge had retired a week earlier they should have had a big 2-3 month tournament for the world title meanwhile have the IC title build up to be better and more credible or even as some have said have IC and US on both shows but build them better and if they go for undisputed WWE championship again bring back the European title or bring back the WWE/F title with the blue globe on it and have it named something else. Just some thoughts :)

  8. Nuff Said says:

    I think the WWE prefers to keep all the titles right where they are, with the exceptions being the Tag and Diva’s which can be on either show

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