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Jeremy Borash says he would move TNA to UK

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Jeremy Borash has been speaking to TWP Magazine about the relationship between TNA and the United Kingdom, here’s what he had to say:

“The success we have had over here in the UK speaks volumes to other parts of the world. When we show our product to a new set of fans or when we leave the US it’s always important to us that we give the best show possible. The fan base here in the UK is honestly second to none.”

“For me I was so excited that we were going to be on freeview, just because of the amount of homes we can reach. I mean now we can be seen in 90% of homes in the UK, that’s huge.”

“Our programming is now being distributed to 120 countries and that’s fantastic. Here in the UK is the only place that we are beating our competition (WWE) in the ratings so that’s great.”

“If it was up to me we would move the entire show over here… They’re a different type of fan, they bring rowdiness to the sports they watch like football and darts. The fanbase here is made for wrestling. If I was in charge I would move the company here in a heartbeat…. I can assure you that bringing TNA here to the UK is on our list of things to do.”

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  1. dave says:

    WWE is missing out on not doing another UK PPV but I understand the logistical issues and the “spoiler” factor as any big PPV would need to be taped for US audiences

  2. Kyle Christie says:

    I think fans in UK are crazy because we only get too see TNA or WWE live once a year and yes it’s beating WWE in ratings here but there isn’t alot of viewers. 100,000 compared to US 1,000,000 pretty big difference hey im not saying don’t come over here if they came over permanently i personally would love it but wrestling and or entertainment isn’t as popular in the UK as US :)

  3. Timothy says:

    so basically just by reading the first paragraph of what Borish said, they give a new set of fans or overseas fans the best entertainment ever….hmm……so TNA don’t care for their everyday fans…….no wonder why they put on a 1 out of 10 star show every thursday….and no wonder why JR, King, and Cole saga is still better than anything TNA can put together. Cole keeps being a heel on WWE why Anderson is a heel one week and a good guy the next, or is he heel again….idk……

  4. The UK Fans love TNA more than American fans so it makes sense….even though I’m an American Fan lol

  5. Max says:

    WWE is only shown on subscription TV channels in the UK and TNA is available on free-to-air TV, which is why they have higher ratings.

  6. Kyle Christie says:

    @Dave air it earlier UK fans have to stay up until 4 in the morning while you guys is like 8 at nite or whatever the time is

  7. Send TNA to the UK says:

    UK fans are simply starved for wrestling. TNA should move to the UK, because they are never going to compete in America with the way they run their business. The American market simply isn’t big enough for two nearly identical Sports Entertainment companies thanks to Vince McMahon. A company like ROH or maybe even Chikara could fin their niche on the national level if they had a lot more money to spend, but TNA with it’s model of trying to be like WWE is just spinning it’s wheels and there is no way they are making money despite what they want you to believe. The would actually be good for TNA and TNA good for the UK. They draw decent crowds there. The UK fans like the old fart wrestlers who should have hung it up in the early 2000’s. The UK is not that big so travel expenses would be limited. Some American fans would still watch TNA on TV, because lets face it, they rarely get to see TNA live now as it is. The UK is about 10 years behind the times in the wrestling business, which suits TNA perfectly.

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