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Vince McMahon asked if he would ever buy TNA

Reported by Adam Martin of

During WWE’s shareholders meeting earlier this morning, a shareholder asked Vince McMahon about any interest in buying TNA Wrestling.

The shareholder said, “When are you going to buy that three letter company that’s based in Nashville, Tennessee because they have the wrong people in charge of that company.”

Vince responds, “Right”.

The shareholder continued, “And please save the business from Dixie Carter. (Vince laughs) Stephanie has more brains than Dixie Carter has.” Vince responded laughing, “I would hope.” Lots of laughter and chatter took place after this statement was made by the shareholder, including Vince laughing some more at his table. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were shown sitting nearby laughing as well.

The shareholder continued, “I think if you buy it now, there is a shot at fixing that company because I know you would put the right people in charge to fix that company.” Vince, seeming to be at a loss for words, responded, “I don’t know that they are for sale.” The shareholder jumped in, “I’m sure if offer them something…I don’t know. It is a 50/50 shot. I mean they know you are loaded with money.” (crowd laughs) Vince continued, “Well…maybe.” (Vince smiles, crowd continues to laugh)

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  1. chris says:

    Craig to be fair Mysterio is the most successful guy from WCW whose still active.If Vince wanted to do it right he could, cut Hogan/Angle/Jarret/Bischoff. Replace them with Nash/Christian/Booker/JBL. Play it off that JBL bought TNA to rival WWE, sort of a Turner/WCW reference.U could build from there, though I’d rather they just stay seperate and fix their product. A little competition for wws is better than none.

  2. Hennessy says:

    first of all, isn’t the WWE stepping away from anything related to pro wrestling? if anyone is a champ in WWE, in what exactly is he champ in? world champ of entertaining? IF they buy out TNA, TNA also will get the PG branding and they will also most likely drop wrestling I’m afarid. One guy here posted his vision with TNA remaining a wrestling brand. now dont get me wrong, that WOULD be cool. But I think in the end this is really whishful thinking. They will acquire the vault and some wrestlers they wanna use and close it down. And I get that many here dont like TNA. Hell, I dont since they became stale. But dont you guys think that WWE is also not that good anymore? mania was boring as hell and like I said that they dropped “wrestling” is just very poor. I mostly stepped away from it because of the quality overall becoming worse and more child TV.

  3. Saint Savage says:

    If Vince were to buy TNA he would strip down the talent. Fire Jarrett Again and reap rewards on the video rights. He would rename Impact “Superstars” and make it a third rate filler show. Hogan would have the title by then and he would do a champion vs champion match with Cena who would have their title by then.

  4. thatoneguy says:

    Everybody knows that the thing that is killing pro wrestling is a lack of territories in the u.s. Vince (possibly) buying TNA would mean the end of pro wrestling as we know it. What good is having two seperate entities if its all owned by the same guy? So Vince is the Sauron of pro wrestling,where he is the wearing “The One Ring”. If you are a “true fan of pro wrestling,then let’s keep things the they are. TNA is far from done,they have a rabid fan base in the u.k.Maybe they should go there where they would truly be appreciated!!

  5. thatoneguy says:

    And don’t forget Jarrett still owns 40% of TNA!

  6. -Jay- says:

    Vince would love to buyout TNA…the man has a history of it and after the garbage Dixie and Hogan etc. have put TNA through it would be fitting for Vince to end the suffering.

  7. Common Sense says:

    By the way it should be Entertaining Wresling show, not Wrestling Entertainment show!

  8. thatoneguy says:

    The Rolling Stones once said”you can’t what you want,but if you try sometimes,you get what you need”. And right now……….we NEED TNA!

  9. Manolo says:

    I can’t believe y’all assuming Vince is gonna buy TNA over a SMILE. Get real.

  10. TakerNGN74 says:

    I wish Vince would buy TNA because its so bad, however he’s not going to because he doesn’t see them as competition. Let’s face it TNA themselves gave up on the Monday Night War 2 because if they would have kept it going Vince would have been able to buy TNA within a month of their first Monday night Impact.

  11. Vince can’t buy TNA because of the PG Rating (“T-N-A”)

  12. The XFL says:

    Bring back Jimmy Wang Yang.

  13. T says:

    Who was that idiot shareholder?

  14. Ryan says:

    if vince buys TNA it will be the end of stings career forever, dont buy it vince hah

  15. Really? says:

    That shareholder plant was a gift from Triple H to further kiss Vince’s ass.

  16. Seriously says:

    TNA needs something alright. I vote we give them John Laurinitis!!!

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