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Update on the divas match at WWE Extreme Rules

From Travis Livengood:

I was watching the U.K. Smackdown and where Michelle McCool said loser leaves Smackdown to the live audience, it was quite obviously dubbed over with loser leaves WWE.

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  1. Neon says:

    Layla is going to win so Mccool can take time off to care for undertaker

  2. Jose says:

    McCool has injuries of her own as well.

  3. Craig says:

    and is it just me or does it seem like they’ve wanted this feud to go one way (layla as the ‘sypathetic babyface’, michelle the backstabbing heel/EX-best friend) while the fans are taking it the other way, and instead cheering for michelle? lol

  4. says:

    These two are great and all, but are not over at all, lawls!

  5. Tyler says:

    Craig, yes it is just you. Layla had been cheered on throughout this feud if u hadnt noticed. Crowd had been shouting, you’re better off without her, when she got backstabbed by mccool on smackdown. and to be frank layla isnt presented as much of a babyface by wwe anyway, but rather sympathetic heel

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