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TNA Impact finds a new Australian TV home

According to, Fox 8 representatives have been telling eager TNA fans on the Fox8 facebook page that TNA Impact is set to air once again in Australia. It will however be on Fox Sports subsidiary channel, FuelTV.

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  1. ernie lupica says:

    TNA just added a new televsion station in another country? Wow. Wait a minute? I thought, according to the know it alls and “experts”, that TNA will go out of business pretty soon. If so, then why did they just add another show in Australia? Riddle me that all you experts if you have the guts?

  2. jeff says:

    thats incorrect, fuelTV is a foxtel or “cable” channel after impact got dropped from its original station fox 8

  3. bob holly says:

    @ernie lupica google would have helped you sound less smarky, my friend and made you look a little less silly. tna impact has been in Australia, it just got recently CANCELED and tna just got their deal back, thats all. they didnt add anything, they just got lucky and got back what they had. still canceled the tour there though.
    so stop patting yourself on the back for not believing tna is in trouble. they are.

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