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Batista Back to WWE?

It is being reported that the WWE has made an offer to Dave Batista to return to the company. This comes as no surprise after Batista’s MMA deal with Strikeforce fell through and with Edge retiring hiring Batista would be easier on the creative team on either brand as they would have more time to build stars instead of pushing someone there quicker than desired. Batista has also shown interest in being a movie star and has been involved in a few films already.

More as it develops.

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  1. Matthew says:

    I hated Batista, but to his credit he started to wrestle better during the end of his career.
    The guys 42 now, so really, what more can he bring to the ring? Maybe some new MMA style like moves?
    I’m hoping he’ll try to put other wrestlers over.

  2. AlyCat says:

    All you folks who are hating on Batista WISH you could even have the option of returning anywhere! Batista did bring a lot to the game, he has charisma and does do some wrestling, unlike some others I’ve seen on the roster. I admire the fact that he left on HIS terms – it’s far better than being forced or kicked out. I say bring him back, if HE wants it, but in the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing how his movie career goes.

  3. Nuff Said says:

    I would love to see a Batista vs Del Rio match

  4. mohammed says:

    dave batista pleace come back to wwe.

  5. Shon says:

    Took him two try’s at the power plant then he quite. Bryan Clark made it though the first time.

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