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Update on OVW’s big announcement

Before Danny Davis could deliver his big announcement earlier tonight, Ohio Valley Wrestling Champion and former WWE superstar Mike Mondo knocked him out with the “Knucks” he’s been using lately. On a side note, Cliff Compton (the former Domino in WWE) made his return. Davis’s big announcement has been postponed to next week, on OVW television.

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  1. Pieman says:

    Sounds like better tv than WWE sometimes. TNA should take note of the simplicity of this.

  2. Korey Parker says:

    OVW did take a dip when WWE left because WWE then took with them the talent they wanted to keep so the roster was dry for a while but damn if the TV isn’t still good. CIncinnati doesn’t really have much for wrestling right now (HWA cough) so OVW shows are nice wehn you catch them on local tv

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