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From last night’s taping…

Dark match:

*Tyson Kidd vs. JTG – JTG wins via pinfall.

WWE Superstars:

*Zack Ryder vs. DH Smith – Ryder wins via pinfall.

*Natalya & Gail Kim vs. Melina & Alicia Fox. Fans were cheering the heels when they came out first, then there was a huge pop for faces. Gail pins Alicia.

Credit: PWInsider

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  1. Kyle Christie says:

    Taking care and spiking his hair WWWYKI


  2. Lendl says:

    anyone see the Ryder signs this week? One said Ryder or Riot

  3. Robert says:

    don’t know why WWE won’t use Ryder, he has a lot of potential

  4. Ian says:

    OMG there has been a DH Smith sighting.

  5. cuts says:

    these people will all be future endeavored

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