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Spoiler: Potential WWE Summerslam PPV Main Event

The planned Summerslam pay-per-view main event, at least as of last week, was John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio. Based on Cena remaining on Raw, and Del Rio moving from Smackdown to Raw, this appears to still be the working idea.

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  1. micheal says:

    This doesn’t sound the least bit intresting

  2. Seven says:

    You’re right @micheal this doesn’t sound interesting, but at least its between to guys I don’t care about. Nothing against Del Rio, but it’s just hard for me personally to become a fan.

  3. Seven says:


  4. says:

    Should have been the Wrestlemania main event to be quite frank, but Alberto Del Rios character is getting a little bit lame, lawls!

  5. -Jay- says:

    I’d rather see HHH vs del Rio or anyone but Cena.

  6. I Bring it says:

    I don’t see any point in pushing del rio to main event…

  7. Nwils23 says:

    So I guess this pretty much tells us who’s winning the whc at extreme rules

  8. TG says:

    File under “not a spoiler” just someone making an educated guess.

  9. Jake says:

    If you think about it really one possibility could be Christian wons the WHC at Extreme Rules and feuds with someone else on Smackdown. John Morrison or Miz wins the Triple Threat at Extreme Rules those two go on-to feud. Del Rio some way screws over John Cena and they go onto a non-title feud

  10. J-Ro says:

    Well, if Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus for the US title doesn’t happen on Sunday, then Alberto Del Rio will become WHC and The IC Title and US Title will be SD! Exclusive and the World Title & WWE Title will be Raw exclusive.

  11. The XFL says:

    @J-Ro That idea is completely idiotic, no way will that ever happen. There is no point in a draft if one of the Brands is just going to get buried, and theres no way they’re going to have the second face of the WWE, Randy Orton, compete for the mid-card titles..

  12. Rex Anderson says:

    Nobody wants to see this

  13. Mike says:

    del rio is being pushed too much too quickly

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