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WWE Tough Enough Recap (Ep. 4)

by Hans Keller

Rima is shown walking back into the TE mansion to a big hug from Christina, who is excited to see her back. Rima described what happened between Ryan and Mickael (who was eliminated the week prior). AJ questions Ryan’s fortitude as Ryan comes into the picture. AJ felt Mickael was more of a competitor, however, and he was glad it was Ryan that came back. Ryan decides, after Mickael took apart his bed in the last episode, to take apart Mickael’s old bed claiming it as his own.

It’s almost midnight as Rima has to go to a one-on-one session with Bill DeMott. DeMott takes Rima through various drills and exercises as she is shaken. DeMott questions whether or not she knew what she signed up for. Rima was breaking down in front of the camera saying that she didn’t want to quit.

The contestants walk in for their daily training. Rima gives DeMott a hug as Austin walks in and has everyone get in the ring. Austin introduces his friend Bret Hart. Bret describes how he takes pride in being a professional and how one of the most important things to learn in the business is agility. He gives everyone more encouragement and leaves shaking everyone’s hand.

Austin builds on Bret’s message of agility. DeMott has everyone form a line. He has every contestant hop the ropes 5 times for each turnbuckle. DeMott criticizes Eric for his performance and sends him out while Martin and Luke show incredible endurance. Jeremiah also impresses Austin with his performances. Jeremiah called the activity fun. DeMott pointed out that Luke and Jeremiah were the only ones that were graceful.

Everyone wakes up the next morning as DeMott is waiting for them in the gym. Its time for today’s life lesson. Trish explains today’s life lesson. She says agility is necessary in order for wrestlers to do what they do. Today’s life lesson is going to involve the competitors being waiters on roller skates for a place called Frisco’s. We are given footage of their training, which was mostly clumsy.

Then we are shown the competitors in action. Ryan shows a little grace while Rima checks on people. Then the competitors are had to dance and move on their skates as Eric wipes out. Trish gathers everyone and felt everyone did well and thanked the Frisco’s crew for assisting in the life lesson while giving the contestants the rest of the night in Frisco’s with drinks on the house. Christina admits to putting a little extra

Its the next day as everyone is taking their bumps from DeMott. Austin enters and debriefs everyone on the skills challenge. He will have 2 people start and do a quick chain of moves which wrestlers should know. Its just like last week, if someone messes up, they’re done. Rima was visibly shaken again, they restarted but Rima showed no determination and was cut. Eric was next to screw up and was cut, then Christina and “Tumbleweed” improvised so both were cut. Eventually it was down to the final three, Luke, Martin and Andy, though Andy’s time was cut short. We’re down to just Luke and Martin.

DeMott makes it clear that the mess up is the loser…and they start on the mat with no shirts. Luke is called selfish by DeMott, who also gives Martin a nod as Austin announces him the winner. The trainers all shake his hand as Luke pisses a fit about the situation. Austin, DeMott and Trish convene like they usually do.

Trish, mentions Martin immediately as someone who is great to watch. DeMott brings Andy into the now top three. DeMott and Trish feel Ryan is slacking. Austin mentions all the potential divas. Rima is compared to Jeremiah, both started green but Jeremiah was bringing it to the table. Austin asks for the bottom three, to which DeMott says it would be easier to give his top 5.

RAW is up next. The battle royal for 2 picks is hyped.

Austin calls forward Rima. Austin said he would usually call two others, but Austin calls Rima out and says she is not physically ready. She feels it isn’t fair, but Austin says he thinks her body is telling her no. Austin says if she wants to get into the business, she’ll find a way, but it won’t be in Tough Enough. Martin talks her up saying that if she does dedicate herself, maybe their paths will cross again. Trish told her that she reminded her of herself. She goes back to meet Austin. Rima said that she felt that she did improve a little and that she appreciates wrestling more than she did. Austin says he does believe if she dedicates herself that she has a future. Rima said she would continue to pursue her dream.

Time for RAW. I’ll see you guys there!

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  1. Craig says:

    well i kinda saw that coming. still a BIG dissapointment to me, Rima had heart, i believe genuinely ‘wanted’ to be a wrestler and as trish said i respect what she tried to do with breaking the whole a ‘miss america can never be tough’ stereotype but she was clearly not ready (or yes tough enough) for the game at this point.

    final thought: when you don’t have it.. you just DON’T have it. so that was the right decision i guess just letting her off the hook without wasting any more of the trainers or especially HER time… yet at the same time i question a little the way it was handled, them not even doing a bottom 3 and all-giving her the opportunity (again) to save herself-
    i just felt kinda bad for the girl, it was like they basically were telling her she’s THAT terribly hopeless,that she didn’t have even a fighting chance to win her dream job–which may be true–while putting her on the spot/singling her out in front of the other contests.. but then to turn around & encourage her to not quit, that she has a future,etc. i mean why not spare her the humiliation at least, and in turn it would’ve boosted her confidence a little, to know ‘hey i almost COULD’VE made it…i was at least THAT good

    just saying :p

  2. jamie says:

    i did see rima going she had alot of heart but limited skills im the ring but honesty even though rima is gone there is no way vince will pass on signing miss usa to a contract within the next month or 2 vince will signed her to fcw

  3. Poopsy says:

    I dunno about the rest of you, but I wanted to see Kharma kill Miss USA…

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