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Issues surface regarding TNA Paychecks

We have learned that some TNA employees are not being paid in the full amounts promised by the company, as they are receiving partial payments and/or delays in receiving paychecks. The reason given has been that their book keeper is presently battling cancer and is frequently out of the office. A few months ago, the company hired a new person to assist in this matter, but the issues remained intact.

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  1. David says:

    The news for this company keeps going from bad to worse. This is a very slippery slope TNA is on right now…

  2. Max says:

    Dear, oh dear. Just another example of a 2 bit operation on it’s last legs

  3. -Jay- says:

    smells like both ECW and WCW before the fall.

  4. Sasquatch's Pants says:

    Yea! Boo TNA! That company is so crap (edit) that their book keeper got cancer and can’t fully fulfill his job! What a joke of a company!

    Don’t people read full news posts these days? They’re still paying their normal wages, it’s just delayed or in parts.

  5. Adam says:

    That’s a very bad sign.

  6. Dave says:

    Sounds just like what happened in the real ECW days Sorry TNA but the ship seems to be sinking fast. Hope you can make it to dock before it sinks all the way.

  7. Ian says:

    Yeah yeah yeah…according to everyone out there TNA has been dying for 7 years though and look they are still around.

  8. Fran says:

    Step 1 of a downward spiral perhaps. This is quite alarming , not a good sign at all. If only we could rewind back time to November 2009 and press reset on all that unesscessary overspending on individuals like Hogan n Bischoff, who have made absolutley no positive difference to the product. Will people in this company ever learn :(

  9. Sxwwe says:

    As a wrestling fan tna was always shaky ..tna is a baby company and will grow with time…wwe cant die why it has a global market and they have sell outs around the world so wwe cant die if u dont like what u see then dont watch the programing people will always disagree if they dont like sumthing in life

  10. JD Storm says:

    Dixie, what have I told you about leaving Heyman in charge of the finances?

  11. sonia says:

    I give them 6 months then they are done. What a joke. Company has been run into the ground. Wait to go Hulkster! A plant by Vince….

  12. fess says:

    this has been an ongoing issue for years, contractors are all handled by one person…i feel sorry for her being sick, but why not hire someone else?

  13. Tim says:

    Could we see Shane on a TNA stage like we did with WCW? I mean really I am not sure WWE needed anything TNA has but a complete and udder crush is something I am sure Vince would love to do.

  14. Neumanrko9 says:

    Vince should just buy TNA because as of right now they are awful

  15. Yup says:

    I get that the book keeper has cancer. Then you hire someone, reliable to take their place until they return. I mean its peoples pay checks. Some Joe Schmo living check to check would be in trouble. I mean if they are writing a partial payment then can’t they write the full amount? This looks like the end of ECW and despite I don’t like TNA I feel they have a lot left in the tank…then again I thought that about ECW.

  16. Craig says:

    oh boy, this company is doing FANTASTIC -_-

  17. ernie says:

    Oh boy. I guess it must be boring around the wrestling world. I guess it’s the annual “TNA is going out of business” nonsense that people have been spewing for 9 YEARS! Get a life!

  18. thr33 says:

    “LOL” at almost everyone who has supported TNA in these comments.

    Didn’t YOU read the full news post? (particularly @Sasquatch’s Pants)
    The article says: “A few months ago, the company hired a new person to assist in this matter, but the issues remained intact.”
    Hmm.. nothing has changed although someone was hired to fill in whenever the current book keeper can’t.. Hmm.. now what the f**k could that mean! WWE fanboys are stupid, but come on, don’t be a hypocrite!!!

    There’s no money there, don’t overlook that. Didn’t you guys see the article about how Dixie failed financially so her mother has taken charge? Or did you choose not to read that too? It sucks that TNA is going to die, especially since I was once a fan who had high hopes. But the X Division is gone and the storylines are uninteresting. It’s only a matter of time!

    Hogan a plant by Vince. Wouldn’t that be something??? hahahahahah..

  19. ernie says:


    Did you NOT read the entire report?

    “they are receiving partial payments and/or delays in receiving paychecks.”

    They are being PAID but not the full amount. That’s been done before in other companies, but you have to have to know that. I doubt you even have a part time job, thr33!

  20. Big Dave says:

    time for vinnie mac to break out the checkbook!

  21. mshelez says:

    Thats a shame. I hope the bookkeeper makes a full recovery. Cancer sucks.

  22. Drew says:

    JD Storm says: Dixie, what have I told you about leaving Heyman in charge of the finances?

    I was thinking the same thing!

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