Wrestling By The Numbers: Sweeney, Lethal, Wolfe‏

Apr 23, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Received by email.

Alexander ‘Larry Sweeney’ Whybrow passed away back on April 11th 2011 at the age of 30. Making his debut in 2004, Whybrow’s six year wrestling career included a two and a half year stint in Ring Of Honor. During his time in Ring Of Honor he managed wrestlers in 13 pay-per-view matches (ranked 1st all-time) and also was a commentator at one Ring Of Honor pay-per-view event (ranking him 4th all-time in ROH pay-per-view events commentated).

It was announced this past week that Jamar ‘Jay Lethal’ Shipman and TNA Wrestling have parted ways with one another. This marks the end of Lethal’s six year run with the company that started back in December of 2005. During his time with TNA he competed in 46 pay-per-view matches and 103 matches on TNA Impact (ranked 12th most all-time), 14 of which were TNA Impact main events.

It has been reported that Steven ‘Desmond Wolfe’ Haworth will be joining the TNA front office and will not be competing in the ring anymore due to an undisclosed health issue. This marks the end of his 12-year wrestling career, six years of which he spent with Ring Of Honor (2003-2009), and the last two years being with TNA Wrestling (2009-2011). During his time with Ring Of Honor competing as Nigel McGuinness, he competed in 11 matches on pay-per-view (ranked 12th most all-time), five of the matches being pay-per-view main events (ranked 2nd most all-time). During his two year stint with TNA Wrestling he competed in 8 pay-per-view matches, two of which were pay-per-view main events. He also competed in 25 matches on TNA Impact, with nine of those matches being main events.

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