The Ultimate Fighter 13 Episode 4 Recap

Apr 22, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Jake Cardwell

After Ryan’s win, Dos Santos is glad to have control of the fight picks back. Lew Polley believes that their team is working harder than Brock’s team, and that they are doing a better job to improve their fighters’ abilities and prepare them for a fight.

After is loss, Len is looking to take a wild card spot. The four remaining Team Lesnar members who have yet to fight are all excited to fight. Brock tells Clay to take five, as he was clearly not feeling it today. Brock is disappointed by what he is seeing from a few of his team members, mainly Charlie and Clay.

At the house, Chuck O’Neil is being a moron, but at the same time, he is helping Charlie diet and get his weight down.

Fight announcement: Ramsey Nijem vs. Charlie Rader. As usual both teams think their fighter will win.

At the house, some of the guys are giving Ramsey crap about watching Glee and his purple toenails. He later gets naked and Shamar is uncomfortable. I wouldn’t classify him as a ‘Junie Browning’ more like just a guy who doesn’t take things to seriously, and is enjoying himself. A lot of Team Lesnar members tell Ramsey they don’t take him seriously. Ramsey talks to Shamar about it, saying he will surprise them come fight time.

At Team Lesnar’s training session Matt Hughes is brought in. He is very friendly to the guys, and spends time rolling with Charlie trying to help him out. It’s always nice to see Matt Hughes.

Ramsey spends a training session in the cage with Junior coming up with a game plan. The game plan is to work the strikes and go for takedowns when Charlie tries to engage.

Charlie claims to be looking for a knock out. Lesnar is confident he will regain control.

Chuck is continuing to help Charlie get ready, and at the weigh in both fighters are on weight. Lesnar says if Charlie doesn’t win it will be a disgrace because of Ramsey’s painted toenails. Why is that a disgrace?

Elimination Match #4: Ramsey Nijem (Team Dos Santos Pick 4) vs. Charlie Rader (Team Lesnar Pick 2)

Round 1: Ramsey uses his punches to work his way into range for the clinch. Knee to the legs by Charlie against the fence. They come off the fence and trade body knees. Ramsey gets double under hooks, and while Charlie works to pump-let, Ramsey throws a lot of knees to the thigh. Good knees by Ramsey continue while he works for a takedown. Accidental low blow by Ramsey leads to a break. Ramsey continues to pressure against the fence. Double under hooks and knees to the thigh continue to be effective control for Ramsey. At the 1:09 remaining mark, Ramsey scores a nice takedown off the fence to half guard. They are only on the ground for a moment, as Charlie gets up. Charlie is once again taken down, this time to butterfly guard. Very nice shot from the top by Ramsey towards the end of the round. 10-9 Ramsey.

Round 2: a winging punch by Charlie allows Ramsey to work his way in for a takedown early. Charlie gets back up, but Ramsey has his back. Ramsey attempts a firemans carry, and a scramble ensues that leads to Ramsey getting Charlies back with one hook. He fights for the second hook and secures the rear naked choke for the seasons first finish.

Winner: Ramsey Nijem via Submission (Rare Naked Choke)

Brock says he knew the fight was lost based on the look in Ramsey’s eyes. Junior praised Ramsey’s ability to push the fight and stick to the game plan. Brock thinks Ramsey did a good job and that Charlie quit. Dana agrees that Charlie gave up.

Brock throws the stool into the octagon out of frustration.

Ramsey is glad he got the win, and now everyone knows he’s here for serious business.

In the dressing room Brock starts calling his team chicken shits saying they are choking. Len walks out saying he fought his heart out, which he did.

Watching Brock talk down to his team like that is very unappealing. He is complaining about his guys not giving him an effort, while he is guilty of not giving them any respect. It’s hard to give an effort for someone who clearly looks down on you.

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