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Poll Results: R-Truth turns heel

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R-Truth turns heel

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Total Voters: 836

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7 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    The smoking part was lame and they need to get rid of the R-Truth name and give him a tough nickname with a real sounding name…hell let him use his real name of Ron Killings and give him a nickname and a bad ass gimmick.

  2. Heijoshin says:

    I’m all for them turning him heel since he has little to no charisma as a face IMO. I have some issues with the way they turned him though. WWE has ignored the characters that they established for both ‘superstars’ just a couple months ago and if they don’t address these issues I look at this as a failure on WWE’s part.

    First John Morrison. What happened to his ‘Anti-bullying’ stance. John Morrison repeatedly said that he hated bullies and wouldn’t stand for people being picked on. Then when his ‘friend’ R-Truth won a chance at the title he came out and basically told him that he had no talent and that he only got his chance because he was lucky. He insulted him until he gave him a shot at the #1 spot. There was no reason or pretense for his actions and it makes no sense what so ever for a face to act that way, especially one that said you shouldn’t pick on people.

    Then there is R-Truth himself. It was only a couple months ago that he spoke to John Cena several times during his time with Nexus telling him that no matter what the consequences that it was important that Cena always do the right thing. That his job didn’t matter, that his record didn’t matter, none of that mattered except for being a man and doing the right thing. The opposite of R-Truth’s actions during the turn.

    I understand that R-Truth would have to act against his previous statements in order to turn heel but was it necessary for both of them too? And was it necessary for it to be done in such a trivial manner. There was no story, no build, no turmoil to cause the change and no insult that was such a big deal as to cause the heel turn.

    Honestly, I came up with a better idea than this in less than 30 minutes that would have taken up the same amount of screen time assuming that they felt they didn’t have the time to do a story for the change but of course its something that WWE would most likely not use.

    The only other thing that I have to say on the matter is that if by chance R-Truth was only given the spot in order to do this heel turn with no intension of giving him a shot at the title then on that note I applaud them for thinking outside of the box that they normally remain in and did something different. However, if they meant to give him the shot and then either changed their minds within that short span of time or even worse, if they gave in to people complaining that R-Truth was given a shot and they caved to those opinions that to me would just say a lot about the problems in the company’s decision making.

  3. Jose says:

    My problem with the turn is that it looks like they’re turning him into the most stereotypical black character ever. It’s like that scene in Hollywood Shuffle where they asked the main guy if he could “act more black”.

  4. mth says:

    I don’t see how ‘they’re turning him into the most stereotypical black character ever’. What gives you that impression? Because he was already rapping, etc., and all he’s done so far when he turned heel was smoke which I’m pretty sure plenty of non-black people do.

  5. Matt says:

    I completely agree with everything Heijoshin said, I find myself nowadays wondering what the hell happened along the way for John Morrison, R-Truth, and many others like Daniel Bryan (Danielson) and Sheamus. Lately it seems like the WWE pushes their younger talent for a time, just to give us fans some kind of false hope and try to shut us up for a moment, then just completely stop it, pull them back, and leave us disappointed.

    Fact is, the WWE truly has become a victim of it’s own success. Look at what happened during the Monday Night Wars. WCW started stealing away the big name established talent from the WWF, so in turn, the WWF started pushing the younger guys and elevating them to main event status, along with being smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the fallout of Montreal Screwjob, leading to the creation of the on-screen character of Mr. McMahon, which ushered in the Attitude Era, giving us the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind, Big Show, etc.

    Long story short, we need a resurgence of the industry of professional wrestling, and yes it’s WRESTLING, like what we had during that time. We need some sort of revolutionary turnabout, like what the Monday Night Wars gave us in the 90s.

  6. Anony-mouse says:

    You guys are reading too much into this.. You’re using words like “contradict” and “trivial”… You’ve forgotten that WWE is PG and their key demographic at this point IS children… kids don’t know notice that “this thing” contradicts “that thing” that he said or did 14 months ago… The kids these days only watch in the here and now and nothing else matters to them because they aren’t old enough to comprehend… it seems that WWE knows this because apparently they don’t care if “A” contradicts “B” because they know kids won’t connect “A” to “B” if they’re watching some beefed up version of Snow being loud in the ring because he thinks yelling makes him sound like he has a good point about anything.

    (for those of you who don’t know who Snow is, just google him… it’ll help my point.)

  7. Heijoshin says:

    Sorry. WWE doesn’t get off that easy for me. I don’t care if they are PG. They contradict that point as well. They fine Cena for saying ass on air and then they have the Rock on two weeks later and its in every promo he cuts. *Yes I am aware you can say ass and still keep your PG rating. I was saying that they are contradicting what they will and will not allow* If they are supposed to be marketing this to kids alone then why would they be trying to make cartoons? They are trying to appeal to the broadest audience spectrum possible. Their target audience nowadays is everyone. If this was a kids show then so be it, let the story line fall apart. I would argue though that most kids shows I have seen manage to maintain continuity. If they are trying to appeal to everyone then make it interesting and make some sense. The point that they have reached with this kind of thing is getting to be too much. If they aren’t careful they could be slipping into the bottoms percents when it comes to quality of writing in on air television. And lastly just because it does matter… if these guys were contradicting what their characters stood for 14 months ago I would give them that but this was literally like only 3 or 4 months ago. That is too short of time to establish a not one but two characters and have them act completely different for no reason. And I agree with you as well Matt. Thanks for the acknowledgement.

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