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– Maven was backstage at this week’s tapings looking for work.

– Hulk Hogan is claiming that Desmond Wolfe is not being used right now because he has no interest in wrestling at this point. However Dave Meltzer is reporting that is not true. Wolfe was scheduled to be at this weeks tapings but it is not known at this point if he was. He is currently doing local theater in Florida as well as doing some writing.

– With the planned re-branding there is once again talk of holding Impact on the road away from Orlando. Spike TV has said they would be willing to help out with the costs to do so. There is also talk of changing the shows look including the set and a number of other things.

– Mick Foley is scheduled to return to TV soon.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. luke says:

    they should bring back the six side

  2. advo319 says:

    I completely agree Luke. I put something in a journal stating that was one of the things I LIKED about TNA. I also like the talent, I just wish they were used better. But as long as Hogan and Bischoff are running the show, I really do not see that happening.

  3. Alex says:

    Hulk, for the love of god, if you have one ounce of knowledge of the business, you’ll hire Maven and give both him and Desmond pushes.

  4. Seven says:

    Wasn’t Desmond supposed to be in or involved with the re-formed British Invasion? I was really looking forward to that, it would’ve made me a bit more interested in TNA.

    TNA can’t sell out a fairly small arena, such as UC Irvine’s Bren Center (I was there for BfG 09) without lying about it or modifying the number of seats in their favor. Heard Lockdown 11 was no different. TNA was OK then, it’s near horrible now — do they really think they can take Impact on the road? I didn’t even pay for that ticket, it was given to me free. I wouldn’t have gone otherwise.
    Like Luke said, bring back Six Sides! And the X Division even to a tiny extent, and maybe there’s a fighting chance!

  5. Korey Parker says:

    I saw Maven selling things on that home shopping network….was creepy cuz he was so much more built than the lady next to him selling the grill with him

  6. Jeff Vito says:

    Mick is the network

  7. Pieman says:

    I think the 6 sides was their main gimmick that made them stand out from any other brand. It was a way to identify the product as soon as you watched it.

    Spike TV maybe should have a bit of an “impact” on what goes on seeing as they are involved in the big contracts with Hogan and others and they want to see a return on their investment. Wouldn’t you?

    I always thought TNA listened to the fans but they clearly haven’t been recently because the products suck. In my opininon, the X-division at one time was worth more than the Intercontinental and United States title “divisions” in a very long time. Not sure what’s going on in their heads.

  8. Paul Reese says:

    Ok, what happened to this business? Every storyline TNA does was done ten years ago in WCW. Fortune (NWO Wolfpac) Imortal (NWO)…lets push some guys who have talent like AJ, not putting him in fued with Bubba Ray..lets not have a 52 year old world champion its not believable..the writing just plain sucks, lets get original TNA and write real story lines, real fueds= real ratings

  9. DeathNote81 says:

    That’s cool that the network has their back like that. I hope they do change their look. It’s good to keep things fresh. RAW could use a makeover itself! Back to what I was saying… I liked how the show looked when they were shooting in arenas (recently); my only complaint was how dark it was.

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