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Jay Lethal gone from TNA?

– is reporting that Jay Lethal is no longer with TNA. No other information is known at this time.

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  1. the truth says:

    good he sucks

  2. seth says:

    thank you, in a postitve way. jay lethal was so under utlized by TNA for the past 6 monthes or so. it was a joke

  3. Nick says:

    After the treating he got in the elimination match at Lockdown, who can really blame him.

    I still am not sure what happened to all the time and energy they put in to him last year and where that push disappeared to.

  4. reyo says:

    good for him.

  5. Austin says:

    Another TNA original gone. This blows.

    TNA is becoming more and more like WCW by the day. Its garbage. I want TNA to be TNA!!!!

  6. thr33 says:

    @the truth
    He only sucked in his later days with TNA, he wasn’t all that bad when the X Division was still around.

  7. Coty says:

    Please bring him to WWE

  8. Kerry says:

    I was really starting to like him after he stopped dressing & trying to sound like Randy Savage.

  9. trevor bournemouth says:

    what no that’s blows, he was tna and i truly wish the guy luck and hope that wwe are watching him and match him a star!!!

  10. Cody T. says:

    If Consequences Creed got picked up by WWE im sure its only a matter of time until Lethal does. Too much talent to not pick up. Shame TNA had no idea how to push the guy.

  11. Andy says:

    Wait, Jay Lethal a TNA original? I went to those PPVs in Nashville, I never saw little Hydro working those shows, bro.

  12. Kerry says:

    Andy, when most people say someone is a “TNA original”, it means they made their career in TNA & didn’t become a big star in another company THEN come to TNA.

  13. Korey Parker says:

    Now to go to WWE and become “randy Johnson” or something lame

  14. cold says:

    TNA Really Did drop the ball with Jay

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