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Ratings continue to drop for WWE Tough Enough

By Adam Martin

Last night’s 4/18 WWE Tough Enough drew a 1.53 cable rating with 2.1 million viewers. This is down from last week’s 1.81 rating. The show has continued to decline in viewers for two weeks straight now with the debut show three weeks ago doing a strong 2.55 rating.

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  1. Ronald B. says:

    That’s the usual trend for these new WWE shows. Remember what happened to NXT and Superstars. Getting the word “wrestling” doesn’t benefit WWE. I think TE will be cancelled after 2 seasons.

  2. lachlan says:

    I know why the rating are going down no Matt Cross

  3. thr33 says:

    I TiVo TE and don’t exactly find an incentive to watch it. Maybe because, like @Ronald B. says, “wrestling” doesn’t benefit WWE. The “wrestling” part of WWE as depicted in TE doesn’t very much interest me, probably because I’m so used to the “entertainment” part when I tune into WWE programming. I say that TE either won’t have a second season or is going on the website mid-second season.

  4. Matthew says:

    Well what made me stop watching was that girl who got eliminated first got an FCW contract. Yes, surely someone who was eliminated is going to get some job, but that soon is just crap.

  5. Agent Cooper says:

    Those ratings are much much worse than the ratings that NCIS reruns were getting before Raw. In other words, it’s not going to get a second season, at least in its current timeslot and format.

  6. Will Henderson says:

    i can tell you why the ratings dropped, they moved the show from after Raw to before Raw, move it back to after Raw and let last week’s episode air at that time, i’m sure the ratings will do better

  7. Al says:

    The reason is they moved it before RAW when everyone is still getting home from work and they also are more worried about wrestlers who are not wrestlers. Come MISS AMERICA please! The after first show she got a Developmental contract and she couldn’t even wrestle? But I do agree with vote off two and three Martin is the true worker that proved it with the wrestle off!!!! Luke is a candy ass who will probably get 1st or second but indeed a chance to be a WWE all star. Just becouse he is already playing a HEEL.

  8. Mshelez says:

    I have been watching Dancing with the Stars but I DVR TE and watch that afterwards. Then I watch Raw. I’m usually exhausted from all wrestling related programs by the time I go to bed. lol Maybe they should change it to a different day. I actually like it. I was happy to see Ryan tell that annoying jerk Mikael off and see him packing. See ya!

  9. Adam says:

    I gotta tell you, I actually like the show. It’s new and different from previous incarnations of the show, the challenges and “life” lessons are inventive and some of the characters are interesting. I was glad to see Skid Marks punk out Mikael (sp.) and hope that he tones down his over selling. I agree they should move it to a different day and time slot and see how it goes.

  10. Pieman says:

    Skidmark owned Mikael. Very good promo. Also, Austin’s promo on Matt Cross on episode 2 was one of the best promos I have seen him do. It’s a good show but I would suggest after Raw would be better as it’s for more of the old school fans.

  11. Mark says:

    I think the show is great! I love seeing the wrestling side on of things. It’s funny that people bitch and whine about WWE taking wrestling out of its name, and the lack of wrestling content on Raw or SmackDown, and then say the reason they don’t watch Tough Enough is because there’s too much wrestling…

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