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SPOILER: Extreme Rules main event change

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At the WWE Monday Night Raw tapings earlier tonight in London, John Morrison def. R-Truth to take his spot in the WWE Championship main event at the Extreme Rules PPV. So it will now be The Miz vs. John Cena vs. Morrison.

Source: The Wrestling Observer

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  1. Korey Parker says:

    You must note that the World TiTle they put on Booker was not the WWE title…..The World title represenents the WCW days…….I always found it odd that there has not been a black WWE champ but they gave a black man the World title…..perhaps Vince just will not allow the WWE title be held by a black man and puts them with the world title as a joke?

  2. morgy says:

    Yes, the Rock is like maybe 1/3 black, just like Obama isn’t the first African American president just because he’s 1/2 black and Kenyan which means his ancestors weren’t slaves/sarcasm

    In all honesty it gets ridiculous with the race card being pulled. You don’t see Shawn Daivari claiming he wasn’t pushed to the moon because WWE dislikes Middle Easterners. Less than 13% of the US Population is African, so factor in how many of them become wrestlers and how many of them have the ability to carry a show, and you’ll see why the uppercard doesn’t have that many. Plus someone such as myself doesn’t look at R-Truth as a black wrestler, I look at him simply as a wrestler and judge him by the same standards as anyone else, and I don’t think he’s got enough to be a main eventer. Booker T’s instance of having to work back to the top wasn’t because he was black, it was because he was a WCW guy, and WWE valued their own talent more at the time, even if the others were more over.

    Say what you want about Cena, but at the end of the day he sells shirts, my only problem with him is his gimmick is stagnant but he’s proven he can be the face of a show. He really isn’t a bad wrestler, the 5 moves of doom is standard for WWE, and the product is sports entertainment, not traditional wrestling. He has also showed time and time again that he can tell a good story in the ring. So if that’s what the beef is, do like I do and enjoy some independent promotions. People can criticize his rap gimmick now, but in retrospect, during his US Championship days, he garnished near universal praise from the fans. He is also supposed to be very good backstage, and it shows in the ring, when he teamed up with both Evan Bourne and Sin Cara the past year, and allowed them the spotlight by scoring the pinfall. Granted it could’ve been mandated by the creative team or the road agent in charge, but it appeared to have been his intent. Even in his match against Justin Gabriel on Raw last year, despite Gabriel being midcard status, he engaged in a lot of chain wrestling and allowed offense from the start even though he was booked as the Super Cena crap. Cena’s attitude made all the difference for his career as there are also guys such as Low Ki who have amazing talent, but a poor attitude and disloyalty isn’t going to get you very far in any career, let alone wrestling.

  3. PJ Young II says:

    @Anony-mouse/PJ Hater….last time i checked we were talking about wrestling and not about “commas”, “grammer” and anything else they taugh us in school…is my typing crap, sure, do i care really in this topic…no, so how bout both of you jackasses go fawk yourselves and stick to the topic.. oh and yes, im happy Truth turned heel, should help put him in better angles. Race in Wrestling is relivant…along with everything else.

    1) Rey won the World title, because Eddie passed away, sad but true.
    2) Christan is possibly going to win the World tile because Edge had to retire, sad but true.
    3) Shelton/Kofi/Truth/Mark Henry/Ezekiel Jackson all were seen as nothing more then… ECW World, IC, US and Tag title contenders… Shelton shouldve had the WWE title at least once, short reign or not… Kofi is a legit World title guy, but gets burried after he has had strong matches with top guys and top ppvs… Truth, speaks for its self, but hopefully WWEfixes things with the heel run….Mark Henry, tho he has been injured alot at one time couldve been a title contender, how do you book him vs Taker for a shot at the streak, but not as a WWE title contender? Makes no sense…Jackson is new, and this crap withthe Corre is dumb, he needs a genuine mouthpiece like Booby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, Paul Heyman to get him into that next area…all in all, I am saying Race matter, friendship matters, and Vince has a guilty consience from titme to time.

  4. morgy says:

    The only guy you mentioned who potentially deserves a spot is Kofi Kingston. Shelton Benjamin had no charisma and this is sports entertainment which focuses on entertainment OVER workrate. I may not agree with that, but Shelton isn’t the only technical wizard that I’d have liked to see more of. I felt a decade ago William Regal should’ve been a major heel, but they subjugated him to kissing McMahon’s ass, and he could actually cut a promo as well as compete in the ring. Mark Henry is just worthless, and his Match was 5 years ago, when they were trying to give him a push for being with the company so long (benefits of loyalty) the problem is, he didn’t deliver. Zeke is just a decent powerhouse, he’s much better than Mark Henry, but he will not have drawing power.

    Race matters = Racism. Modern science shows all of man to have the same origin and skin color to be a hereditary trait just like hair and eye color based off melanin levels, and social divides based on this such as race and ethnic group have as much basis as blondes and brunettes staying away from each other, just over the course of thousands of years. If we are to be a civilization we need to see people as people and nothing more. If it’s about reparations, slavery was abolished in 1865. And despite what people may think, many other groups suffered segregation in US History including Irish, Italian, Polish, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Native Americans, Russian, Jews, Catholics, homosexuals, the mentally handicapped, transsexuals, Hispanics, atheists, etc. The Japanese were put in internment camps in 1942. Some of the victims are still alive. Therefore if we go down that route Yoshi Tatsu should be WWE champion, and they should rehire Funaki to be WHC. Plus WWE is a business, not the government, so they are going to put their investment in a product that sells, the product being the wrestlers than can draw a crowd and push merchandise. The only thing that matters to them is the color green at the end of the day. The Rock was pushed because he made bank. The other guys aren’t because they don’t.

  5. Derailleur says:

    Bobby Lashley?

  6. joe says:

    R-Truth is getting punished because he was a huge draw at one time in TNA former world champion and tag team champion. It’s not about racism just he used to work for TNA that’s all. WWE is killing wrestling but yet ppl still watch it because it’s the top game in town. ROH & TNA has great talent but TNA doesn’t know how to use it and ROH’s popularity is mainly due to the internet. R-Truth does deserve a push but it’s not about his skin color it’s all about where he used to work before going back to WWE.

  7. bodhell says:

    Bobby Lashley held the ECW Title, which to me ECW in a whole was a joke when WWE to “Bring it back” I myself don’t really count the WWE version of ECW as a World Title.

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