Apr 18, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

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R-Truth interview saying he was winning the title at Extreme Rules.

  John Morrison came out and said Truth was lucky last week.  Morrison brough up that Truth was a smoker and challenged Truth to a match, saying it might be his last chance to avenge last week’s loss because of the draft coming next week.

Morrison b R-Truth with Starship pain.  Truth turned heel and attacked Morrison, hitting him with a water bottle and smoked a cigarette in the ring.

Dolph Ziggler b Evan Bourne 
Edge Tribute video aired.  It was announced Alberto Del Rio would be doing an Edge retirement party on Smackdown tomorow night.  Edge will be on Smackdown tomorrow night. 
Miz did a promo noting that with the win, Morrison is now in the title match at Extreme Rules.  It is also now a cage match.  Sin Cara came out as did John Cena, setting up Miz & Alex Riley vs. Cena & Sin Cara.

John Cena & Sin Cara b Miz & Riley.  Miz walked out.  Cena pinned Riley with the Attitude Adjustment. 

Eve Torres b Nikki Bella.  Nikki is the one who isn’t champion.  This earns Eve a title shot, but only if Eve isn’t drafted.  I thought the Divas title can be defended on either brand.  Looks like they forgot.

Jack Swagger interview.  Swagger brought out The Queen of  England.  No, not the real Queen.  But she knighted Michael Cole who is now Sir Michael Cole.  Sir Michael Cole called everyone else peasants and said Lawler and Jim Ross shuld kiss his feet.  Swagger took out Lawler and then dragged Ross into the ring and made Ross kiss Cole’s feet.
Sheamus b Santino Marella with the Brogue kick

Randy Orton b C.M. Punk with a schoolboy.  Nexus beat down Orton.  Mason Ryan did most of the work and set up a punt on Orton, but Punk told him to let him do it.  Punk went to punt Orton but Orton hit anRKO out of nowhwere. 

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