My live report from TNA Lockdown

Apr 18, 2011 - by staff

Last night I had the fortune of attending TNA’s Lockdown PPV at the US Bank Arena. This was my first live event in almost a year (My last one was a TNA house show) and my first PPV since Slammiversary 2009. I had a tremendous time. I thought the show was very good overall but let’s jump into things match by match.

First off I want to talk about a complaint I have and that is with the merchandise stand. TNA has several news items from shirts to DVDs that I was looking forward to purchasing but none of these were available. The choice in merchandise was slim at best. They had t-shirts as usual but most of them aside from a couple were very old designs. DVD wise they didn’t have any thing newer than Year One. I was hoping to get my hands on the new Mick Foley DVD but they did not have it. My other complaint was with how much they jacked the prices up. I was told it was because the arena got 5% of all sales but man the prices were too high for me. In the end I just went with a program. $20 is a bit steep but it is a very nice program with full a full color page for each and every member of the roster. It also has some awesome photos from various events as well.

I got to the arena a bit late so I missed most of the pre-show. Brooke and Nick Hogan were in the front row. I have no idea if they made it on to TV or not. Nick left half way into the show and never came back. Brooke was there the entire time and really seemed into most of it. She seemed to be a huge fan of Angle and was really cheering him on. A lot of fans came up to her asking for pictures and autographs and from what I could tell she said yes to most of them. She seemed very personable and nice.

(1) X Division Xscape. I really enjoyed this match live. I have read complaints online that the crowd seemed a bit dead for this and other matches and all I can say is that is far from the case. We must have been mic’d pretty bad because the crowd was red hot for this and 90% of the show. Amazing Red was the most over guy in this match followed by Lethal and then Sabin. The Bucks got hardly any reaction at all and when Max won the crowd was kind of let down. I really don’t think many people knew he had turned heel recently.

(2) 4 Way Tag. This was pretty good overall. The crowd was huge into Steiner. He got a big pop coming out and they chanted for him all throughout the match. Eric Young was probably the second most over guy in the match and the crowd was into his antics. The finish was flat though as it sort of came out of nowhere.

Bischoff came out and did a promo that I assume was designed to stall time since the womens match ended up being short. No one cared about this at all and a chant of “we want wrestling” broke out.”

(3) Knockouts Title Match. This was very short. Mickie got a big pop for entrance and for he win. The crowd didn’t really seem mad that it was short either which sort of surprised me.

(4) Joe vs Pope. I really enjoyed this match and the crowd was pretty into it. Joe got a big pop during his entrance.

(5) Morgan vs Hernandez. This was probably the least over match on the entire show and the worst overall. I missed part of it as I went to get a drink but what I saw was just ok. Neither man was really over.

Velvet Sky got a nice pop when she came out to beat down Sarita and Rosita.

(6) Angle vs Jarrett. This was one of the most insane matches I have ever seen live. The crowd was huge into Angle and he got a giant pop. The first and second falls were both good but the third fall was off the hook. When Angle did the moonsault off the top my heart fell into my stomach. Live this was and easy four star plus match. Jarrett had major heat especially when he won. Big props to both of these guys who put on one heck of a show in this one.

(7) World Title Three Way. There was no way these guys could follow the last match and I think they knew that. The crowd was not dead for this but they were not really into it all that much. Sting got a big pop when he came out. Anderson was pretty over as well but RVD’s reaction was very mild which surprised me. Hogan got a big pop when he came out. Brooke jumped up and down for him which was nice, lol.

(8) Lethal Lockdown. This was an awesome match live. The crowd was red hot for everything in this one. Daniels jumping off the top of the cage to the floor was insane and got a giant pop. AJ Styles got a pretty big pop when he did his run in as well. A major thumbs up to this as well.

Overall I had a great time. The crowd really seemed to enjoy themselves. On the way out I heard a lot of positive responses to the show and nothing really negative at all. As for attendance I really don’t know. I am not good at estimating these sorts of things but it was the largest TNA crowd I have seen in person. If I had to make a guess I would say around 5,500 but who knows how many of those actually paid to get in as I did hear that there was a lot of papering before the show.

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