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More Pictures from TNA Lockdown

Photos courtesy of Michael Hirn

(Brooke Hogan in the house)

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  1. Max Amillion says:

    Yep, Lockdown broke their US attendance record then. What a load of BS from TNA yet again.

  2. -Jay- says:

    They really need to invest in the camera that sits up in the bleacher seats like WWE uses and get rid of that ancient boom camera, I can image that crushing a few fans somewhere down the line.

    BTW welcome to TNA Monday NITRO!

  3. fp says:


    TNA Monday Nitro failed, remember? Now its TNA Thursday Thunder. 😀

  4. B says:

    hey jay wwe still uses those cameras to

  5. Gerry says:

    i agree with b,i was at the raw,smackdown,royal rumble & over the limit shows at the Joe Louis arena & WWE had the big moving camera

  6. -Jay- says:

    Lmao yeah TNA Thunder!

    WWE uses a boom but they don’t hang it over the crowd like that, it’s usually farther back near the entrance.

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