WWE Tough Enough Recap (Ep. 3)

Apr 18, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller


– The contestants were tested by professional K-9 unit dogs
– Bill DeMott smashed contestants in corners
– Matt ruined his chance to shine and was sent home.

Mickael’s look when he saw that Ryan is still in the competition, then goes into detail about how he thought Austin made the wrong choice.

Week three has officially begun as Bill DeMott gives the contestants a less-than-comforting wake up call. He tells everyone to go to the oak tree and has everyone run to prove their endurance, which DeMott is expecting them to fail. Many of them prove him right as Austin runs Rima down while driving what looks to be a golf cart. Michelle admits her lack of conditioning as her weakest part, which concerns Austin. She isn’t the only one, as Eric proves to be walking while Luke is the only one to finish in under 20 minutes, a few others come in right after. Rima proves to be better than the ladies and some of the guys. Eric finishes dead last and DeMott makes him pay for it verbally. Austin directs the contestants to the gym.

NEXT: The Big Show gets in the ring and Austin gets in the ring.

Daily Training is up next as Michelle expects to be going through pure hell. Austin comes in as the crew is doing push ups and starts bouncing off the ropes. Austin says this week is about technique. DeMott goes through reversals, holds and take downs. Trish notices that Michelle is strangely having a hard time with everything, which she thinks is because her head is not in the game.

In comes The Big Show, whose technique Austin calls impeccable. Big Show gave Eric some words about what shape he is in. Luke is told by Austin to lock up as Austin puts on a clinic. Austin praises Luke’s ability. Luke was grateful for the opportunity. Everyone steps in as Big Show gives parting words of encouragement.

Michelle calls her husband to check in on him and her girl. It was clear that Michelle misses her family, especially her daughter. She starts to wonder if her trip to Tough Enough is worth being away from her family.

Michelle is talking with Rima about her issues when Austin comes in. Michelle asks for the floor and admits her loss of focus and tells him that she wants her daughter more than a contract. Michelle is told to stay behind while everyone else goes away. Michelle tells Austin that she misses her daughter and can’t stop thinking about her. Austin talks about his family life and how he is just getting to know his daughters and that he respects her decision to leave. He gives Austin a hug, a self-admitted rarity, and wished Michelle luck.

NOTE: This is the first step-down in this season’s competition.

LIFE LESSON: Trish brings out a cheerleading squad from Cheer San Franciso, who is going to teach the competitors about gracefulness and performing. Jeremiah admitted that cheerleading was not his cup of tea. In walks Stacey Kiebler, who Jeremiah’s eyes was immediately glued to. Stacy used to be a cheerleader, and states that a lot of what she knew, cheerleading helped with. Rima was scared, and it showed. Stacy was able to help her work through her fears.

The contestants change into cheerleading outfits and head to Universal Studios. Jeremiah came out and did a backflip with a smile, which Booker T gave him props for. All the contestants performed. Rima slipped a little but did not hurt herself and bounded back with a smile. Trish seemed impressed with how everyone did.

Its time for the skills challenge. Austin describes a drill called Chain of Command. Bill and Book give an example. The person last standing will win. Luke and Mickael in first. Luke is out, in Tumbleweed. Then a series of clips are shown. Mickael and Rima are the first cut. DeMott adds headlock into takedown, then schoolboy. Booker feels Luke wasn’t trying while Eric delivers a great suplex. Luke is eliminated, and was pissed. Christina is eliminated next. “Skidmarks” adds his own flare and is cut for it. Its Eric and Martin are the last two. The two keep going through the chain flawlessly until Eric takes a knee in a headlock. Austin stops it. Austin praises his talent as Luke seems to be a little jealous. Austin tells the guys to hang out while the trainers talk about what just happened.

Austin brings up Martin first, all the trainers admitted his superiority today. The trainers put Rima as the first one that dropped the ball for not excelling at the cheerleading. Mickael was next purely for his lack of technique. Ryan, according to Booker, was “hamming it up” since day one. DeMott felt there was no manhood in him. Austin felt Eric stepped up before he crapped out. Trish feels he is teachable.

The trainers come out and Austin announces the three names up for elimination: Mickael, Ryan, and Rima.

Mickael throws his suitcase on the bed, Rima accurately guessed that the cheerleading did her in this week and asks “what am I not doing right?” Ryan is told by Luke that you just have to have a little bit of asshole in you. Mickael decides to be a douche because he assumes Ryan isn’t coming back and undoes his bed.

The three eliminated came to the usual music and Austin entry that we’re accustomed to. He calls today a family reunion plus Mickael. Mickael says he isn’t a part of it. Austin says he is now. Austin asks why he’s here. Mickael says he has nothing to go back to. Austin feels he failed to make himself stand out. Ryan was next. Ryan says that he is a pissed off because of the other competitors. He completely vents and now wants to stay to prove his mean streak. He asks Rima why is she back in the bottom three. Austin says brutal or non-existant describes her level of skill. She said she asked for one-on-one time. Austin tells Rima she is safe and may leave and says she will get one-on-one help like she asked for. I have a feeling its going to be more than what she wants.

Austin says he wants a promo against the two guys. Mickael starts and says that Ryan is getting in his way. Ryan completely runs Mickael down. He accuses Mickael of having a fall out plan with Tough Enough and gets in his face completely. Austin has to cut him off and it was clear that Ryan won. Mickael’s title is taken from him and he leaves, thinking he let this run him by.

Rationale: Mickael had a chance to save himself but Ryan came full force at the bottom three and manned up, showed his mean streak. It was obvious Mickael wanted it more than him.

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