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Awesome Kong’s WWE ring name

WWE filed a trademark for the name “Kharma” on April 12th.
According to a report on, “Kharma” will be the ring name for fomrer TNA Knockout Awesome Kong.

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  1. PWii says:

    I hope her finish is a bite in the ass

  2. Kerry says:

    Should know they would not use the name Awesome Kong.

  3. Brian Redban says:

    God forbid these scumbags use the names that put certain wrestlers on the map….go screw.

  4. Ronald B. says:

    “Awesome” is for The Miz.
    “Kong” will not be used for known reasons.

    I think “Kharma” is good, but why with “H”?

  5. Steve says:

    Actually am surprised they called her Awesome Kong in TNA since there was a pretty famous wrestler in Texas in the late 80s and early 90s called Awesome Kong. Either way I always thought her name didn’t fit. I can’t say this one is much better though.

  6. Ian says:


  7. Will says:

    I’m guessing her catchphrase will be “You know what they say about Kharma…”

    Also, in reply to Ronald R, the H is most likely for the unique trademark/spelling.

  8. Agent Cooper says:

    Why the “h” in Kharma? Do you really have to ask that? For the same reason as the extra “r” in Corre. So the WWE can trademark it. They can’t trademark karma, although I’m sure they’ve tried.

  9. TakerNGN74 says:

    I was hoping that the E would be smart and just call her Kong but I guess not.

  10. morgy says:

    It seems every time a name signs with a company people complain about name changes. Ever hear of trademarking issues?
    Awesome Kong most likely is owned by TNA, and Amazing Kong is her indie name, so she probably wanted to keep it just in case. Plus WWE wants to recreate stars, as TNA does as well. Working small crowds under a trademarked name can slide, but on television and DVD releases there’s legal issues.

    Some of the name changes can be lame sure, but others tend to become household. People complained when Matt Sydal became Evan Bourne, but the name became catchy. It’s unfortunate they don’t really push him anymore but I digress. Even Desmond Wolfe wasn’t that bad, especially for a TNA name change. Either way though, it’s only a minor detail, as the content itself is much more important and worthy of critique than the packaging.

  11. -Jay- says:

    Could be worse, thankfully her in ring skills trump the name.

  12. Steve says:

    Wow. Forgot this. Awesome Kong and King/Krusher Kong were a team in WCW actually, managed by Harley Race. I forgot b/c I only remembered him from Texas/USWA.The Colossal Kongs, boy they were terrible.

  13. Daniel says:

    LOL that is terrible…next they’ll debut her as Mark Henry’s wife or sister! LOL

  14. Jim says:

    Also remember that Nintendo has been enforcing their “Kong” trademarks as well. Easier to just change the name.

  15. DeathNote81 says:

    “Kharma” works for me. Too bad KARMA doesn’t.

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