4/16 EWF Results featuring Billy Gunn

Apr 18, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

EWF Wrestling
April 16, 2011 – “Resurrection” Results

Borderman Gym Converse, IN

* Dylan Bostic beat Scotty Young

* Osyris beat Tyson Judge

* The Blackharts beat Parker James & The S.I. & The Last Kings Of Scotland in a 3 Way Dance

* Hailey Rose beat Destinee Blade & Trash Cassidy w/ Rob Kincaid (to become #1 Contender to Ladies title)

* Marc Houston beat Edwin Torres

* Nate Phoenix beat Pacman Jackson

* Hillbilly Jedd w/ Darlin’ Nikki beat Bobby Steele

Just Justin came to the ring with Bobby Steele and Nate Phoenix, but then sent the 2 back to the locker room saying he wanted to do the match on his own.

* Just Justin beat Dusty Dillinger by D.Q.

Justin’s former Devil’s Cru members Bobby Steele & Nate Phoenix came out and attacked Justin causing the DQ.

* EWF Title: Jake Omen (c) beat Billy Gunn

After the match, Jake Omen started bragging how he is the champ and X8 Champ and beat Billy Gunn tonight and Jimmy Yang, Hillbilly Jedd, & Just Justin last month. Hillbilly Jedd came out behind Jake and threw him back in the ring allowing Billy Gunn to hit the “FameAsser”.

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