TNA LOCKDOWN: X Division Xscape match

Apr 17, 2011 - by Adam Martin

X Division Xscape Match
Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E vs. Chris Sabin vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Max Buck vs. Suicide vs. Jay Lethal vs. Amazing Red

Suicide and Robbie E start first. Suicide with big forearms to Robbie in the corner and followed up with a big dropkick. Max Buck is now in and Suicide sends him to the corner. Max gets the legal tag now and he double teams Suicide with Robbie. Max with a dropkick to Suicide and Jeremy Buck tags himself in. Max tags in Lethal. Arm drag and head scissors by Jeremy. Lethal fires back with a Lethal Combination. Max and Suicide are now in. Robbie is now back in and drives his foot into the shoulder of Suicide and gets the pinfall.

Suicide is eliminated.

Lethal and Sabin take turns hitting Robbie with jabs. Both toss Robbie into the side of the cage. Lethal and Sabin are now the legal guys. Lots of flips off the ropes. Amazing Red tags himself in and dropkicks Sabin off the top rope. Lethal catches Red with a big chop. Red counters Lethal’s handspring by hitting a baseball slide. Red with his flipping pin driver on Lethal and gets the pinfall.

Jay Lethal is eliminated.

Sabin then catches Red with a Cradle Shock and then levels him with a huge clothesline. Sabin pins Red.

The Amazing Red is eliminated.

Sabin is now in with Max. Sabin puts him in the tree of woe and connects with his hang-time dropkick. Max with a flipping blockbuster from the corner on Sabin. Max gets the pinfall.

Chris Sabin is eliminated.

Brian Kendrick gets a close pinfall attempt on Max. Robbie jumps in and Kendrick splashes him against the side of the cage. Max has a moonsault attempt countered when Kendrick got his knees up. Max and Jeremy, the brothers, start going at it. The two exchange forearms and elbows. Jeremy sends Max into the side of the cage face first two times. Jeremy drops Max with a big kick to the head. Max gets a small package on Jeremy and gets the three count.

Jeremy Buck is eliminated.

We are down to Robbie E, Brian Kendrick and Max Buck. Max and Robbie launch Kendrick face first into the cage. Kendrick fights back sending both into the cage. Kendrick catches Max with a kick to the face. Kendrick with kicks to Robbie on the mat. Kendrick catches Max with a superkick and Robbie with a dropkick. Kendrick covers Robbie and gets the pinfall.

Robbie E. is eliminated.

We are now under escape rules here to win the match. Max powerbombs Kendrick to the corner, but shorts it a bit and Kendrick almost snaps his head off the bottom turnbuckle. Max launches Kendrick into the cage. Max jumps up on the top rope and Kendrick is already back up within seconds going after him. Kendrick knocks Max off the top, climbs over and Max pushes the referee into the cage to trip up Kendrick. Kendrick falls off and Max climbs out to get the win.

Winner and new #1 contender for the TNA X Division Championship: Max Buck

We go to Mike Tenay and Taz who discuss the rest of the card tonight.

* Eric Bischoff is on his way out to the arena.

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