TNA LOCKDOWN: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett (Ultra Male Rules)

Apr 17, 2011 - by Adam Martin

“Ultra Male” Rules
First fall: Submission rules – Second fall: Pinfall rules – Third fall (if necessary): Escape rules
Jeff Jarrett w/ Karen Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

Fall #1: Submission rules

Before the match started, the referee sent Karen Jarrett to the back. The referee then chains the door shut. Angle with a quick hip toss and snap suplex early on. Jarrett goes for the Figure Four early. The referee is counting pinfall attempts with Angle’s shoulders on the mat despite the “submissions rules” first fall. Tenay tries to cover the mistake by the referee counting the pinfall when Angle’s shoulders were on the mat. Jarrett applies a rear naked choke. Angle misses a shoulder charge and Jarrett hits a kick to the shoulder. Jarrett locks on an armbar. Angle counters that into an Ankle Lock. Jarrett taps.

Winner of Fall #1: Kurt Angle

Fall #2: Pinfall rules

Jarrett quickly sends Angle into the cage and hits The Stroke. Jarrett hooks the leg and gets a close two count. Jarrett with a crossbody, but Angle rolls through for a two count of his own. Double clothesline spot. Jarrett sends Angle into the side of the cage, but Angle bounes off and hits a german suplex. Angle holds on hitting a second german suplex. Angle attempts a third, but Jarrett holds on to the ropes and low blows Angle. Angle sends Jarrett into the cage and goes right into an Angle Slam for another close two count. Angle puts Jarrett on the top turnbuckle. Jarrett pushes him off. Angle sprints back at the corner, trips up, maintains his balance and then tosses Jarrett off with a high back body drop. Angle starts “stalking” Jarrett just like Randy Orton. Angle with an RKO on Jarrett. Jarrett counters an Angle Slam attempt and rolls up Angle holding the tights to get the pinfall.

Winner of Fall #2: Jeff Jarrett

Fall #3: Escape rules

Jarrett quickly tosses Angle into the side of the cage. Angle responds hitting a german suplex. Angle holds on and hits a second. Angle with a third. Angle with a fourth and still holds on to Jarrett’s waist. Angle with a fifth german with a release. Angle drops the straps and opens up the cage door. Angle can walk out, but stops and gets back in. Angle shuts the door and chains up the door. Angle grabs Jarrett and sends him into the cage twice. Jarrett is busted open as Angle drags his face across the side of the cage. Jarrett then climbs up the cage. Angle is in pursuit. Angle is up on Jarrett’s shoulders. Jarrett with a powerbomb off the top turnbuckle, but Angle flips back down and lands with a thud. That looked nasty. Jarrett recovers and goes to the opposite corner. Angle jumps up with Jarrett and executes a huge Angle Slam. Angle starts climbing up the cage when Gunner of Immortal runs out. He slaps the side of the cage with a steel chair. Angle moves to the corner of the cage and gets on his knees staring down at Gunner. Angle then stands up and attempts a moonsault. Angle misses Jarrett by a lot and lands with another thud. Steiner runs out and chases off Gunner. Angle finds the key to the cage door, unlocks the padlock and opens it. Karen sprints down and sprays something in Angle’s eyes. A blinded Angle ends up giving the referee a clothesline. Jarrett crawls to the door. Angle grabs his leg and applies the ankle lock. Karen slides a guitar in the ring. Jarrett grabs it, turns over and smashes it over Angle’s head. Jarrett poses to celebrate when Angle pulls him back in the ring as he was trying to escape the cage. Karen is trying to pull Jarrett out. Angle has the ankle lock applied. Karen then slams the cage door into Angle’s face and Jarrett falls out.

Winner of Fall #3 and the match: Jeff Jarrett

Tenay and Taz discuss Sting defending the TNA Championship against Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson.

A video package runs hyping Sting vs. RVD vs. Mr. Anderson.

* Sting vs. RVD vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA Championship is up next.

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