TNA LOCKDOWN: Fatal four way tag team match

Apr 17, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Four Way Tag Team Match
The British Invasion vs. Ink Inc vs. Orlando Jordan and Eric Young vs. Scott Steiner and Crimson

Big reaction in Cincinnati for Scott Steiner. Eric Young starts climbing up the cage when the bell rings. Orlando Jordan yells at him to get down. We start with Young and Jessie Neal. Arm drag exchanges by both early on. Shannon Moore tags himself in. Moore with a big tilt-a-whirl takedown. Orlando Jordan and Douglas Williams are now in. Williams backs Jordan to the corner and Magnus gets the tag. Jordan fights off both with a big boot and dropkick. Neal tags himself in going after Magnus. Magnus with a big clothesline and tag to Williams. Quick tag back to Magnus. Magnus with a few punches and another tag to Williams. Loud “WE WANT STEINER” chant starts up. Another quick tag to Magnus who works on Neal in the corner. Neal tags in Crimson who hits knees to Magnus along with a swinging neckbreaker. Double clothesline spot by Magnus and Crimson. Tag to Steiner who gets a big reaction. Steiner drops an elbow on Magnus along with some push-ups. Steiner with a high back body drop on Williams and another on Magnus. Steiner with a release belly-to-belly on Eric Young who jumps in. Moore tags himself in when he overhead tosses Magnus back into the ring. He attempts the same on Williams and Moore distracts him some more tagging himself in again with the referee seeing it this time. Young pulls his shorts off to reveal smaller tights that match Jordan’s. Neal with a spear on Jordan. Crimson with facebuster on Neal. Magnus with a sitdown slam on Crimson. Steiner with a T-Bone on Magnus. Young with a dropkick to Steiner. Young then scales up the top of the cage and climbs over. In the ring, Moore hits the Moore-gasm on Williams to get the win.

Winners: Ink Inc

After the match, Eric Young thinks he won the match for his team climbing out of the cage.

Backstage, Christy Hemme hypes Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James. Hemme doesn’t see Rayne and Tara walking behind her and says she is pulling for James. Rayne says she will cut off James’ hair tonight and tells Tara to stay in the back because of her attitude.

A video package runs hyping Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James.

* Madison Rayne defending the TNA Knockouts Championship against Mickie James is up next.

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