TNA LOCKDOWN: Eric Bischoff in-ring segment

Apr 17, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Eric Bischoff is on his way out. He thanks everyone for the warm reception and for coming out tonight. Bischoff said it is a special night and will explain why. He said he is often asked what he enjoyed the most about his career in wrestling. Bischoff said he accomplished so much that it is hard to pick just one. Loud “YOU SUCK” chant. Bischoff said he might suck, but he has way more money. He said tonight Immortal will take care of the “distraction that Fortune has become.” Bischoff said Fortune made the mistake of getting involved in Immortal’s business. He said he will be part of Hulk Hogan’s vision to get his hands back on the TNA Championship. We see Hogan’s wife and kids in the front row cheering on the mention of Hogan.

Backstage, we see Christy Hemme with Scott Steiner and Crimson warming up. Hemme asked if Steiner has prepared for the teams he will face tonight. Steiner says prepare? “Prepare for punkasses?”

* Ink Inc vs. The British Invasion vs. Orlando Jordan and Eric Young vs. Scott Steiner and Crimson is up next.

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