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Apr 17, 2011 - by Jason Graening

TNA’s all cage match extravaganza known as Lockdown comes to us live this Sunday from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH. Two titles will be on the line during the event, that will also feature the return of the Lethal Lockdown match, an X Division Xscape match, and a couple of grudge matches thrown in for good measure.

– Sting vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam (TNA World Championship)
– Immortal vs. Fortune (Lethal Lockdown)
– Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle (Two out of Three Falls)
– Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James (TNA Knockouts Championship vs. Hair Match)
– Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan
– D’Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe
– Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. Robbie E. vs. Suicide (Xscape Match)
– Ink Inc. vs. Scott Steiner & Crimson vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young vs. the British Invasion

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam (TNA World Championship)
Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam had a series of matches to determine the #1 contender for the TNA World Championship but a clear cut winner was never decided. Both Anderson and RVD argued why they should get a shot at the title – Anderson for not getting a rematch after losing the title and RVD for never actually losing the title in the first place – so both are getting a shot at Sting inside the steel cage.

There has been some teasing as of late of one of the participants turning at some point and joining Hulk Hogan and Immortal. There is no doubt that there is a huge hole to fill in Jeff Hardy’s absence, with Mr. Anderson teasing a join Immortal only to show his true colors and Hogan has been courting RVD as of late. Looking at TNA’s track record, it would seem that Sting would be the logical (or is that illogical) choice to join Immortal just for shock value and to swerve the fans.

What would be a real shocker, though, is if none of them turned, but I doubt that will actually happen. I am going back and forth as to who will win the match as I can see RVD siding with Immortal, but I think Sting will still walk out as TNA World Champion.

Starman’s Prediction: Sting to retain the TNA World Championship.

Immortal vs. Fortune (Lethal Lockdown)
Immortal and Fortune have been at war ever since Fortune broke away from the group. AJ Styles found himself as the latest casualty of this feud when Bully Ray powerbombed him off the stage and through a table on a recent episode of Impact. Christopher Daniels returned to TNA to avenge what happened to his friend and the ROH Television Champion will join the TNA Tag Team Champions and the X Division Champion to take on Bully Ray, Ric Flair, Abyss and Matt Hardy in Lethal Lockdown.

Immortal won the man advantage in Lethal Lockdown by winning a best of three series of matches by picking up victories in the first two matches. Once all eight men are in the steel cage, a roof will be lowered to lock everyone in the cage along with some weapons. Like the TNA World Championship match, I am having a hard time predicting which side will win this match. Both sides could use the win to get some momentum, but in the end I feel that Immortal will pick up the win since Fortune can take the loss and not lose any titles in the process.

Starman’s Prediction: Immortal to win Lethal Lockdown.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle (Two out of Three Falls)
The saga between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle will come to a head inside a steel cage. Angle has had to endure a lot over the past few months, which included walking his ex-wife down the aisle in a wedding ceremony where she wed his adversary in the middle of the ring. The network also added a stipulation to this match, which is odd since it’s not airing on the network, and made it a Ultra Male Match which will consist of a pin fall match, a submission match, and an escape the cage match.

Jeff Jarrett displayed his skills on how fast he can escape the steel cage recently on Impact. Of course, he might be slowed down a bit after competing in two previous falls, especially if he finds himself on the wrong end of an ankle lock during the second fall. This very well could be, and probably should be, the send off for this feud and I feel that Kurt Angle will finally get the best of Jarrett during this match.

Starman’s Prediction: Kurt Angle to win the Ultra Male match.

Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James (TNA Knockouts Championship vs. Hair Match)
Mickie James has had numerous attempts at defeating Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Championship, but has always come up short. Mickie demanded one more shot and Madison added the stipulation that if she loses, she will also lose her hair. Since then, tension has been brewing between Madison and her hired muscle in Tara as we head into this cage match.

Mickie James suffered a legit injury during a house show, so this match could be changed at the last minute if she isn’t able to compete. If she does, I have a feeling that this will be the time that Mickie finally gets over the hump and dethrones Madison as the Knockouts Champion. If not, Tara is a logical replacement for Mickie. Either way, I see Madison losing her title and Tara will be involved in some shape or form during this match.

Starman’s Prediction: Mickie James (or Tara) winning the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan
Upon returning to TNA, Hernandez has started up a group called Mexican America and has restarted his feud with his former tag team partner, Matt Morgan. These two meet up last month at Victory Road where Hernandez stole a victory by using some fake blood. With Mexican American in Hernandez’s corner, the odds are stacked up against Morgan in this match.

Even though this match is inside a steel cage, I can still see Mexican America making their presence felt in some form during this match. I can almost guarantee that brass knuckles will be used in this match, probably tossed in my Anarquia from outside of the cage. I am predicting that Morgan will somehow get to use them on Hernandez, either to knock him out and pick up the pin fall or to knock him out only to be disqualified by the referee.

Starman’s Prediction: Matt Morgan to win the match.

D’Angelo Dinero vs. Samoa Joe
The feud that will never die. I hope that this cage match finalizes the meaningless feud between these two and they both move on to better things. The Pope tried to add some fuel to the fire between himself and Joe by abducting and torturing Joe’s friend and hidden camera man, Okato, so I’m guessing that Joe extracts some revenge for his fallen friend.

Starman’s Prediction: Samoa Joe to win the match.

Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. Robbie E. vs. Suicide (Xscape Match)
A Lockdown staple is some sort of X Division Xscape match where the competitors face off for either the X Division Championship or for a shot at the X Division Championship. This match features none of that and is just a simple escape from the cage match that features X Division stars, most of which have not been featured on television in quite some time.

I have no doubt that this will be a fun match to watch, but it is just lacking in any real build up or excitement since there is nothing on the line. It also has to do with the fact that nothing is being done as of late with most of the wrestlers in the match with the exception of the sibling quarrel between Generation Me. Since GenMe are the only notable wrestlers in the match, I’m guessing that Jeremy Buck will win the match to one up his older brother.

Starman’s Prediction: Jeremy Buck to escape the cage and win the match.

Ink Inc. vs. Scott Steiner & Crimson vs. Orlando Jordan & Eric Young vs. the British Invasion
When this match was announced, it was said that there was going to be a mystery team involved. It was revealed shorty after that the mystery team was none other than a reformed British Invasion. To give this match a little momentum, one member of each team took place in a match this past week in a four-way match on Impact with Orlando Jordan picking up the victory.

While the tag team division in TNA is one of the better ones around today, it has been getting weaker with many of the top tag teams disbanding or feuding with each other. Having the British Invasion back together helps quite a bit, and the recent pairing of Crimson & Steiner give the division a decent power team to mix it up a bit. I could see either of those two teams picking up the victory in this match, but I have to give the edge to the British Invasion.

Starman’s Prediction: The British Invasion to win the match.

TNA usually stacks the deck when it comes to Lockdown and this card looks decent on paper. There seems to be a lot of extended feuds that could be wrapping up at this pay-per-view, such as the Angle/Jarrett feud and, I hope at least, the Joe/Pope feud. There are a few filler matches, such as the X Division and four-way tag team matches, but those should be entertaining in the very least.

The one drawback with this card is the lack of title matches. Lockdown is one of the bigger pay-per-views of the year for TNA, so you would think that Lockdown would feature more big time title matches. That said, WrestleMania is the biggest event in all of wrestling and is one hour longer than Lockdown and only featured two titles matches.

Of course, with TNA putting a good majority of their titles in one faction, their hands are tied in that aspect. I’ll at least give them credit for not making Lethal Lockdown a match where some or all of the titles in Fortune are on the line. That is something I could see them doing as they have done it in the past.

Overall, Lockdown should be a decent pay-per-view as long as they stick to clean finishes and don’t try to overbook every single match. Victory Road last month left a bad taste in the mouths of many TNA fans. We can only hope they learned from the mistakes and put on a solid show.

As always, live coverage of Lockdown will take place on Gerweck.net starting at 8PM EST.

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