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The Rock to appear on Raw in May?

Scott Fishman, a Miami Herald contributor, posted on Twitter:

Looks like Miami gets a Wrestlemania 28 appetizer when The Rock appears at WWE Raw on May 2.

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  1. Lois Lane says:


  2. Will says:

    It seems a little bit off that it’s a huge surprise that one of the people who’s main eventing Wrestlemania next year is making an appearance on WWE TV.

  3. J-Ro says:

    On his birthday no less.

  4. AJ Starr says:

    Who cares? Either Rock stays and starts making regular appearances, or he needs to just go away. I don’t care about his once every 2 month appearances, and no one else should either. His movie career is going nowhere, which is why he came back to the WWE in the first place.

  5. E-Ry says:

    That’s also the Rock’s birthday.

  6. John says:

    I agree with AJ Starr. Come back, or don’t. This could get old fast. Oh wait, it already has. Mr I Bring it Via Satellite!

  7. paul says:

    I like the Rock being back but its stupid to put him on tv “every once and a while” to get people excited for a match 1 year away!! How can any storylines involving Cena be developed when fans will be constantly be reminded of the Rock/Cena elephant in the room?? Great match idea…POOR planning on WWEs part

  8. zelix says:

    John and AJ Starr, stop crying. OHH I want THE ROCK WAHH!! buncha babies.

    Youre in a SMALL SMALL minority, so it doesn’t matter what you think. The consensus is: This feud is gonna be awesome even if the Rock does his thing outside WWE.

    Movie career going nowhere? lol, lost all credibility on that one. I hate the fast and furious movies as much as anyone, but if that movie does not make over 100 mil, i would be surprised. But you’ll just make excuses to DOWNPLAY the Rock’s role in the movie predictably. You guys are so lame, stop crying babies.

  9. The XFL says:

    @zelix Couldn’t agree more…

    All these guys do on this site is complain and whine, its pathetic. Either like the product, or don’t. The same people crying about how horrible everything is, sit down in front of their TV’s every week and watch the show.

  10. an-on-a-moose says:

    Because if a movie makes a lot of money, it must mean it’s good.
    Like Transformers, right!?

    Good job projecting, zelix.

  11. Nick says:

    There’s plenty of other legends that come back every once in awhile. Stone Cold, Roddy Piper, Trish Stratus, Dusty Rhodes, Million Dollar Man all come back once in awhile and we as fans know they’re not making a full time return. No one criticizes them for doing that. So why are you criticizing the Rock for it? I would rather him make some appearances than none at all.

  12. Anony-mouse says:

    @Nick.. I agree with that… HOWEVER, if that’s the case Rock never should’ve said “I’m NEVER going away”… Rock is my all time favorite wrestler bar-none, but I don’t think saying that was a good move.. And saying he’ll face cena at WM28… Sure I wanna see him destroy cena because i hate him, but by making that announcement, that instantly told EVERYONE that there’s no chance in hell he’ll be wrestling at all before then so now all hope that some people had is shattered

  13. AJ Starr says:


    I HAVE stopped watching the WWE. Their piss-poor booking and even more pathtic attempts to “draw fans” make them look even more amateurish than TNA, on top of them claiming to be PG while throwing in swears everywhere and tons of innuendos.

    Once they buried Miz at Wrestlemania, I gave up. I spent 10 years in the Indies, and I would be EMBARRASSED to be a part of the WWE in any fashion.

    You can call what I say “crying” all you want… but you don’t know the first thing about wrestling companies from the looks of it. The “majority” that is for The Rock coming back every couple months… THOSE people are what we refer to as the “lowest common denominator.” Undertaker could take a massive dump in the middle of the ring and then do the Mexican hat dance on it, and those “fans” will eat it up because they’re not smart enough to know when their intelligence is being insulted, and obviously you don’t either.

  14. Anony-mouse says:

    Don’t hold back AJ, tell us how you REALLY feel.

  15. The XFL says:

    @AJ Starr All I’m saying is you and everyone else can complain about the WWE ALL you want, but fact is, the WWE can lose 100,000 fans and gain a million more, and there’s nothing that a second rate crapfest like TNA or any other “Indy” promotion can do to stop it. They’ll always be number 1, wether you jump the bandwagon or not, so painful s

  16. The XFL says:

    @AJ Starr All I’m saying is you and everyone else can complain about the WWE ALL you want, but fact is, the WWE can lose 100,000 fans and gain a million more, and there’s nothing that second rate TNA or any other “Indy” promotion can do to stop it. They’ll always be number 1, wether you jump the bandwagon or not, so painful speeches and anti-wwe rants won’t help your cause. it’s pointless. You either like what you see or you don’t. Move On and stop the envy.

  17. AJ Starr says:

    Stop the envy? What envy? The WWE and TNA have collectively killed off my love for wrestling in the last 18 months. I may watch 20 minutes a week now.

    I also don’t care if they lose 100,000 and gain a million. Losing 100,000 intelligent people who are looking for some actual story-telling… and gaining a million morons who want to hear stupid catch-phrases repeated at nausea is NOTHING to be proud of.

    You can cut the mark crap as well, trying to act proud of yourself for telling me to “stop the crying and stop the bandwagon” stuff. I’m a lot more educated on this than you obviously are, as I’ve been a fan for 20 years, wrestled 10, and all I see are acts of mark coming out of you.

    So… sorry, it’s not an anti-WWE rant… it’s an “I’m sick of seeing stupid garbage on TV with no thought put into it” rant. Not my fault both WWE and TNA are guilty of it, and ALL you see are anti WWE remarks.

  18. Nick says:

    @ Anony-mouse,
    You and many others have misunderstood the Rock’s message when he said “I’m never going away”. He meant since he’s been gone 7 years that he wants fans to realize he’s not going to be gone for 7 years again before he appears. He is saying I will be making appearances from time to time and thats what he meant as in “never going away”. Kind of like Bret Hart, not going away.

  19. Anony-mouse says:

    @Nick, I didn’t misunderstand anything.. I knew that’s what he meant, honestly.. He still does have a good career as an actor after all.. The thing is he could’ve worded it so it didn’t sound like he was back full time.. By wording it the way he did, he gave the impression that,”hey, you guys will see me every week”. when that wasn’t the case.

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