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– From Ivan Pajic: WWE stars Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel will be working for WWCs RETURN TO THE GLORY show 4/23 (Bayamón, PR).

– Michael McGillicutty on Twitter: Want talent? Im a natural. Im gods gift to this profession. The Lexus of the Nexus! Mark my word, one day I will headline a Wrestlemania.

Mick Foley’s blog on Edge

– Joey Styles posted an updated on the WWE Superstars show: Don’t miss the debut of WWE Superstars with @ZackRyder vs. The Great Khali, now on every Thursday at 5 PM ET

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  1. name says:

    Maybe it’s because I/we haven’t seen enough of him lately on Raw because of Nexus..but McGillicutty is trash. From what I remember on NXT too, he wasn’t all that great. Maybe one day when all the Cenas and Ortons and maybe even Zack Ryders are gone, he will headline Mania. And aren’t Lexus/Toyota models selling bad these days? Just saying.

    Again..maybe it’s just because I/we haven’t seen much of him lately.

  2. Dave says:

    Nothing wrong with a little arrogance and ambition. McGillicutty could become a big name. Who are we to say he won’t?

  3. mshelez says:

    I don’t know if McGillicutty will headline WM one day but I like him. I think he needs to work on his mic skills a bit more, though. I think its hard when you’re in a group with CM Punk to really let those mic skills shine, if you have them anyway.

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