The Ultimate Fighter 13 Episode 3 Recap

Apr 14, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Jake Cardwell

(Note, last week Javier Torres was incorrectly identified as Team dos Santos’ 2nd pick, he is the 3rd)

We start off in the gym, with Team Lesnar questioning Brock’s comment about ‘Chicken salad out of chicken shit’ Lesnar thinks Len Bently’s is becoming negative, and thinks he needs to fight before it impairs his training. A few of the fighters claim the comment offended them. Brock calls a team meeting. He says before they came to the show they were chicken shit, just another guy. Now they are chicken sala, and they need to sieze the moment, and believe they can win.

Team dos Santos is concerned their new team mate may disrupt the team vibe. Our new Fighter is Justin Edwards, a Bellator veteran. He was pleased to find out the team is accepting him. The guy looks a lot like a mini Randy Couture.

Assistant Coach Lew Polley thinks the coaches are going too easy on the team. He wants to push them harder, and runs an intense training session being very harsh. Shamar is cut fairly badly. Ramsey Nijem thinks the team has crossed the line from training hard to over training. Junior agrees, saying he doesn’t like to train like that, and thinks Lew is over doing it.

Fight announcement: Len Bently vs. Ryan Mcgillvray. dos Santos thinks that Len is a better wrestler, but Ryan is a better boxer.

In the house Chris Cope is spending more time with Team dos Santos, which offends Len, as he is concerned he is going to ruin his fight.

Len Bently discusses his background, which started with karate. Len goes to Brock and tells him about Chris spending time with the other team, and is concerned that Chris is watching him. Brock tells him not to worry about it and just fight.

At a Team dos Santos training session, Junior is dissatisfied with Lew’s training. HE calls him into the room privately. Junior reminds him that he is the head coach, and that it’s a team effort on the part of the coaches. They bury the hatchet, and get to training.

Ryan talks about how he is here to benefit his daughter. He says he is comfortable anywhere the fight takes place, and isn’t concerned that Len was the first overall pick. Ryan was 10 pounds overweight with 4 hours until the weigh in. They go to the house and he sheds the weight in an Epsom Salt bath. He asks someone to have the picture of his daughter in the corner for motivation.

At the weigh in both fighters weigh in at 170.

Brock has a personal matter to attend to and won’t be at the fight.

On the morning of the fighter, Len was at the gym with the coaches drilling his game plan. Ryan is at the house, and it is his daughter’s second birthday, and says he will win it for her. Shogun Rua is present to watch the fight, both fighters are honoured.

Elimination Match #3: Ryan McGillvray (Team dos Santos Pick 2) vs. Len Bently (Team Lesnar Pick 1)

Round 1: Ryan is dropped 30 seconds in, and Len mounts him. Ryan gets to half guard, and is attempting to sweep. Len is landing a few elbows. Ryan gets full guard. Len backs out, and Ryan stands. Len appears to be head hunting, throwing only big shots with no set up, while Ryan is going in and out, landing combos. At the 2 minute mark Len is dropped by Ryan, who dives into guard. Len is trying for a guillotine, and later an armbar. Ryan escapes the deep armbar, and a scramble ensues. Anaconda choke attempt by Ryan, but Len is saved by the bell. Awesome first round. Very close. 10-9 Ryan, because Len was saved by the bell, and was out struck considering all he landed really was the one two early.

Round 2: The first minute an a half of this round resembled the period between ground exchanges in the first. Ryan landing crisp strikes and avoiding Len’s wild bombs. Spinning back fist by Len misses. Ryan surges forward landing 3 big shots. Ryan briefly takes Len down against the fence. Len grabs a kimura, but loses it when Ryan stands. Len reverses and lands a hard knee to the midsection, and one to the face on the exit. Decent leg kick by Len. Good uppercut by Ryan. Both fighters are fading, but the status quo is more of the same. Len throwing bombs and Ryan landing more due to better technique. Big blitz of strikes at the sticks by Ryan to close the round. 10-9 Ryan.

This could definitely see a third round. Dana is in the cage, and we have a decision.

Winner: Ryan McGillvray (20-18, 20-18, 19-19)

By far the best fight of the season so far. One of the better fights in the history of TUF. After the bout, Dana gives props to Len, saying he should be proud. If you have not watched this episode, you should definitely try and watch the fight, because it was fantastic.

Next week: Ramsey is this season’s Junie, and Matt Hughes makes an appearance.

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