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Spoiler: New WWE Extreme Rules PPV World Title match

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  1. david says:

    FINALLY THEY GIVE Christian a world title shot. WWE is finally doing somthing right for once.

  2. Will says:

    I’m very happy with this match. Christian and Del Rio are both great, FRESH possibilities as champions and I can say I’d be happy with either one winning.

  3. jovon says:

    Only becuase of edge’s retirement. Edge vs. Christian will never happen now

  4. Some Kid Named Johnny says:

    Christian….THE FACE of Smackdown!

  5. cold says:

    Christian was in line for a shot back before his injury, so it was just bad timing, but i can see this feud develop for a few more months if they allow it

  6. Riten says:

    1st Time World Heavyweight Champion Reign Coming Up 😀

  7. 123456 says:


    It will be the first time in WWE, but Christian is a former NWA World Heavyweight champion

  8. The XFL says:

    You’re right. 1st Time World Heavyweight Championship Reign coming up… for ALBERTOOOOOOOOO DEL RIOOOOOOOOOOOO !! Muhahaha

  9. Lucas says:

    lol @ people thinking Christian will win. Every year people think he’s going to get over the hump and win MITB, or do whatever to be the #1 contender, and it never happens. Vince has always had a track record of trolling Christian and his peeps. So until I see otherwise, I’m staying on the pessimistic side, so that when he doesn’t win the match, I won’t be nearly as angry.

  10. Mr Kennedy says:

    A lot of fools think Del Rio will win too but I can see giving Christian a push long before they do that pompous Mexican

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