Fight Night at The Pit: Rocky Romero vs. Mario Banks‏

Apr 13, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Press Release

Coming off a hugely successful debut show last week,
proudly presents, “Fight Night at The Pit II” Rocky Romero vs. Mario Banks,
this Thursday, on

Thursday April 12th, the International Superstar, “The Righteous One” Rocky
Romero steps into The Pit to take on graduate student and current SoCal
Rookie Wrestler of the Year nominee Mario Banks.

Rocky Romero is a star, and Mario Banks has something to prove. Can the
Modern Day Midas defeat the The Righteous One, and move one step closer to
his dream of becoming a Champion? Or will Romero do what he does best? Out
wrestle, out shine, out class, and out think, the cocky rookie.

Set in a true underground gym and fight environment, “Fight Night at The
Pit” looks to bring a fresh approach to pro wrestling, by focusing on the
students of Make me a Pro Wrestler, as they embark on their journey and
dreams of becoming the real deals. Matches take place late Wednesday
nights, and are up by Thursday morning.

With content constantly being added, is a fresh
alternative for online wrestling content, featuring the future wrestling
superstars of tomorrow, as they begin their journey today.

Bookmark your browser to for daily updates,
stories, videos and more.

At The Pit, we believe it takes more to being a great wrestler, then just
learning how to wrestle. Make Me a Pro Wrestler!

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