4/12 WWE NXT Recap

Apr 12, 2011 - by staff

The WWE Intro merges into a video package of Maryse and her problems since becoming the guest host of this season of NXT. The problems include being sought after by Lucky Cannon and Yoshi Tatsu. The video ends with Ted DiBiase’s involvement, telling Maryse last week that she would have to choose him or NXT by tonight.

The NXT Intro airs as Todd Grisham welcomes us to the show and says this will be “knockout” edition of NXT. He sends it to Matt Striker who is on the stage. Striker welcomes everyone to NXT and brings out his guest host for this season, Maryse. Striker asks Maryse for her decision, will she stay on NXT or go to Ted DiBiase. Maryse takes a few moments but decides to stay on NXT. Striker and Maryse then bring out the NXT Rookies. Lucky Cannon is out first, followed by Titus O’Neil, Conor O’Brian, Darren Young, Jacob Novak and Byron Saxton. Striker reminds the Rookies that they are competing for a chance to be on NXT Season 6 and to choose their own Pro for that season. Striker reminds them that they can get some help by earning Redemption Points. Maryse reminds the Rookies and everyone that Titus O’Neil has the most Redemption Points, followed Darren Young in second and Byron Saxton third. Striker then introduces the first challenge of the night, the Power of the Punch competition worth four Redemption Points. The Rookie with the highest score wins and Byron Saxton is up first. Saxton sets the score to beat at 649. Maryse chimes in and tells Novak to beat that score and to be a man. Novak throws a weak punch and only scores 456. Darren Young is next and also throws a weak punch, getting 469. Maryse tells Striker she can do better but doesn’t want to break a nail. Conor O’Brian is next and scores 770 so he takes the lead. Titus O’Neil is next and scores 801 to he now takes the lead with one Rookie remaining. Lucky Cannon is last and tells Striker that he’s above this competition and is only here to win championships. Striker looks for a decision from the referees and they disqualify Cannon. Therefore Titus O’Neil wins the competition and earns four more Redemption Points. Matt Striker tries to interview O’Neil but Cannon grabs the microphone and says this show is all about him. Cannon turns his attention to Maryse and flirt with her again. Yoshi Tatsu comes out next and gets in Cannon’s face. Cannon says the two should settle their differences and challenges him in the main event tonight. Tatsu accepts and Cannon invites Maryse to be ringside for it.

A graphic is shown for the first match of the night, Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young and the match is next.

We get a preview of the new movie ‘That’s What I Am’ starring Randy Orton.

Hornswoggle’s music hits and he escorts Titus O’Neil to the ring. We get a recap from last week’s tag team match, where O’Neil pinned Young after Hornswoggle distracted Chavo. Chavo’s music hits and he accompanies Darren Young to the ring. Young has a microphone and tells Hornswoggle that he is a NXT Superstar and Hornswoggle is just a bootleg leprechaun. Young goes on to say that that ring is meant for full sized athletes, not pint sized ones as Chavo doesn’t even agree with him. Young and O’Neil lock up and O’Neil shoves Young into the corner. Young fires out with a flurry of offense, hitting a snapmare before dropping a leg and an arm to the chest for a two count. Young quickly applies a sleeper and puts all of his pressure on O’Neil, who gets to his feet. O’Neil breaks free and gets a few shots in but Young stops his momentum with a back elbow for a two. Young applies a cravat and O’Neil is struggling. He gets up and rams Young into a corner for the break. O’Neil hits a hew big right hands and a flying clothesline and Young crawls to his corner. O’Neil closes in on him but Young trips him into the turnbuckle. Young hammers away on O’Neil and finally stops to see Hornswoggle. He stares at him as Chavo tells him to focus on the match. Young goes after Hornswoggle but O’Neil quickly rolls him up for the three count. After the match, Young attacks O’Neil and knocks him out with a fireman’s carry into a chest breaker. Young then catches Hornswoggle and won’t let him go. Chavo gets into the ring and tells Young not to do anything and to forget about him. Young simply stares at Hornswoggle and Chavo keeps telling him to let go. Young slowly does and Hornswoggle runs over to his Rookie to check on him and get away from Young.

After a quick break, JTG is on his way to the ring. We are shown the backstage promo from last week where JTG and Kozlov made their bet. JTG comes up with several new nicknames for his Rookie and brings out Jacob Novak. Novak is wearing sunglasses, a Yankees cap, a white tank top, jeans and boots. Novak steps into the ring and tells JTG that he can’t do this and that a lot of the Pros can make him a star but he’s done nothing with JTG. Novak then addresses Regal, who for weeks has said that he could help Novak. Novak asks Regal what he things about him now and Regal simply shakes his head. Novak tells Regal that he will show him how to be a star whenever Regal is ready. Novak is action after a break.

Byron Saxton is in the ring ready to face Novak. Saxton takes control of the match early, with a punch, a clothesline and a nice Side Russian Leg Sweep. Saxton whips Novak off the ropes and he hangs on. Saxton still manages to clothesline him as Novak goes over the top and to the floor. Saxton goes after him but Novak works on the midsection, tossing him back in and getting a two. Novak works over the midsection of Saxton with kicks and he drops Saxton over the ropes. Novak hits a knee to the ribs and covers for a two. Novak applies a bodyscissors and pulls back for more pressure. Saxton elbows his way out and hits a unique looking facebuster type move as both are down. Saxton regains control with a clothesline and a modified bulldog for a two. Novak throws a headbutt to the midsection and Saxton rams him into the corner. Saxton hits a few shoulder blocks and heads up for some right hands. Novak trips Saxton up and he falls ribs first across the top rope. Novak hits a few kick and a boot to the face, covering Saxton and getting the win. Novak soaks in the victory and stares at Regal from the ring. Regal says he was impressed at what he saw out of Novak.

A graphic showing Yoshi Tatsu vs. Lucky Cannon is the main event later tonight.

After a break, William Regal talks about Edge announcing his retirement from the WWE last night on Raw. Regal thanks Edge for all he has done in his career and for being a great person as well. Regal then takes us to the emotional segment from Raw last night.

After the segment, Todd Grisham tells us not to miss SmackDown this week as Edge will relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship.

Maryse now joins William Regal and Todd Grisham at the announce table. Lucky Cannon is in the ring, staring at Maryse as Yoshi Tatsu is out next. Cannon talks trash and pie faces Tatsu who responds with a few chops across the chest. Cannon trips Tatsu out of the ring but he makes his way back in quickly. Cannon nails him with a kick to the head. Cannon hits a neckbreaker and picks Tatsu up. Cannon hits a second neckbreaker and covers for a two. Cannon applies a legscissors and grabs the ropes for more pressure. Cannon breaks the hold and kicks Tatsu, before picking him up, hitting a snapmare and a legdrop. Cannon sends Tatsu to the floor and flirts with Maryse before going back on the attack. Cannon hoists Tatsu up and tries to send him into the post. Tatsu breaks free and Cannon goes shoulder first into the post. Tatsu sends Cannon back in and Cannon immediately gets guillotined across the top rope. Tatsu takes complete control with a series of chops and then a series of kicks. Tatsu then heads to the apron and goes up, hitting a picture perfect spin kick from the top rope. Tatsu gets the cover and picks up the three. After the match, Maryse leaves the announce table and steps into the ring. Maryse taunts Cannon who’s on the floor and turns around. She grabs Tatsu and kisses him on the lips before leaving. Tatsu jumps up and around the ring in happiness. A replay of the kiss airs and Tatsu continues to celebrate while Cannon is in agony and can’t believe Maryse kissed Tatsu as the show comes to a close.

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