WWE Tough Enough (Ep. 2) Recap

Apr 11, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Hans Keller


-14 came in to be the next WWE Superstar
– Personalities clashed
– At training, some contestants stood out, some for the wrong reasons
– Ariane’s lack of commitment lead to her getting the axe


– Guest appearance by John Cena

The show opened with Eric and Michelle coming back after the elimination. Eric swears to dedicate himself to getting back in shape so that he can stay in the competition. Others think it might be too late.

Daily Training:
– Michelle states she needs to step it up to show she is serious when Austin asks Trainer Bill DeMott for the ring. Austin talks to the recruits about courage. “It takes a lot of courage just to climb through these ropes.” He cited specific injuries such as paralyzation (ala Droz), or even death (ala Owen Hart). Booker T adds in an interview that “Courage is not something you can teach”. The recruits practice body slamming. A lot of them show until Ryan aka Skid-marks gets ribbings from Bill Demott for being body-slammed by Michelle, who stated that she weighs 130. Ryan said he is going to call DeMott “Ballbuster Bill” because he was busting his balls.

Booker T explains the body slam and how it should be done. Trish was working with Matt on his character. He said that his character is a flyer and does an exhibition for three minutes. He does not impress the judges while Luke starts to steal his spotlight. Trish pulls him aside and expresses her concern for what he is doing.

Enter John Cena. the recruits are starstruck to say the least. Austin states that no one shows courage like John Cena. Cena tells them to make the most of everything they get every day, or they might not make it to tomorrow. Said that the most difficult thing to learn was to have faith in himself. Rima was nervous performing in front of John Cena and takes several body slams.

The recruits are shown messing around after hours doing their best Austin impersonations, even passing out Stunners.

Ryan is made fun of by Mickael for writing a love letter to his girlfriend. He goes as far to say that the females on TE had more balls than him. Ryan talks about how his girlfriend is an inspiration. The recruits are shown working out in the ring when Austin arrives. He tells them to change into their shoes for a lesson that would drive the lesson of courage home. The next scene shows a K-9 unit dog. Each recruit will have to don an attack suit and have to try to make it to the checkered flag without having the dog keep them back.

1st run – the recruit did not run hard

Michelle – also falls early

Ivelisse – falls early

Eric – runs to the flag with the dog on his arm

Christina – does not make it

Mickael – taken down 3/4 of the way

Matt – makes it

Luke – makes it like Eric

Martin – manages to dodge the dog

Andy – taken down 1/2 of the way

Jeremiah – makes it with the dog on his back

Ryan – makes it with the dog on his arm

Rima – taken down about 1/3rd of the way

Recruits arrive back to the ring the next day and Bill DeMott notices someone missing. 20 minutes later, Rima comes in then Austin comes out for the Skill challenge. Today’s skill challenge is: 5 for flinching, aka Bill DeMott gives the recruits 5 slams. Martin claimed taking that takes a LOT of courage. Some of the recruits, such as AJ and Martin, are able to get right back up to their feet. Christina described DeMott as a freight train. Michelle feels good about her performance while Matt described himself like a bug on a windshield.

Austin thinks everyone did good holding their own against DeMott and goes with him and Trish to his office.

Trish is becoming a fan of Luke. She thinks he has spunk and carries himself as an athlete. DeMott agrees. Eric did not impress DeMott, though Austin brought up the challenge with the dog. “Skidmarks” was called a goof. Matt, in Trish’s opinion, blew it. DeMott talked about how Luke stole his spotlight. Austin questions Rima’s constitution to be able to live the WWE schedule. Trish identifies with her, but DeMott mentions her being late to the Skills challenge.

Austin comes out and says he was impressed and says that he is judging everyone from day 1. He calls forward Matt, Ryan and Rima and tells them to bring their stuff back.

Martin was surprised by Matt being on the chopping block and thinks he’s up there to prove a point to everyone that no one is safe, regardless of skill. Michelle gives Matt some motivation to fight for his right to stay. Rima admits that she is worried but feels she is the right fit on TE. Mickael runs his mouth to Ryan and messes with his mind. Ryan calls tonight a do or die as Mickael thinks he won’t survive.

Ryan, Matt and Rima make their way back to the gym and are now staring Austin face to face. Austin asks Rima what she sees when she looks in the mirror, she said she sees a pretty girl but wants to break that image. Matt sees untapped potential. Austin asks Rima why she was late. Rima admits she made a mistake and that she wants to make it up. Austin says he wants her to show it. Austin tells Ryan that he thinks that he is rubbing everyone the wrong way. Matt believes he isn’t ready for this opportunity. Austin tells Ryan he thinks he’s too nice and that he needs to bring it. Matt tells Austin that for 9 years, he was waiting for his moment. Austin tells him that he had to make a name for himself. Austin accuses Matt of playing it safe. Austin tells Rima to respect the ring and never be late. Austin then takes Matt’s belt and tells him to leave. “I didn’t miss my window, but you missed yours here.”

Matt never expected to be in the bottom three much less be sent home. He felt he wasn’t given a chance to show what he can do. But he feels that this isn’t the last anyone will see of him.

Stone Cold’s rationale: Matt has been in the business for 9 years but showed 0 personality.

Skipping the Afterthought tonight because I’m also giving tonight’s RAW report. I’ll see you over there!

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