IWE Results feauring Tony Atlas and Eddie Edwards‏

Apr 11, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

From Jake Jones:

4/8 – Fairfield, ME

1: Reed James and Nick Westgate d. DC Dillinger and “Brutal” Bob Evans – Westgate over Evans with a small package

2: IWE Woman’s Championship Match: Mistress Belmont d. Nikki Valentine via Cobra Clutch Backbreaker

3: ROH Champion “Diehard” Eddie Edwards d. “The Tower of Power” Mark Moment

4: “Mass Appeal” Jay Jaillet and Cameron Mathews d. Jimmy Capone and Johnathan A. Primer via double superkick

5: “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas d. “Mr. Canada” Ricky Williams via jumping headbutt

6: “Sports Illustrated Legend” Robbie Ellis d. Scott “Aces” Wild via Reverse DDT

7: IWE Tag Team Championship Match: Capital Punishment (Foxx Vinyer and Rob Coleman) d. The By God Enforcers (“The Enforcer” Larry Huntley and Scotty “By God” Vegas) (c) via Double Spinebuster to capture the IWE Tag Team Championships

– Post-match run-in by B.A. Tatum and “The MegaMale” Kyle Huntley for a beatdown on Larry until Cousin Sonny Roselli makes the save, Larry and Sonny agree to reform the Scufflin’ Hillbillies to take on Kyle and Tatum at the next show.

8: The Garrison Gang (Joe and Jeremy Garrison) d. Eric Adams and Adam Badger

9: Bullmoose Calhoun d. B.A. Tatum

10: Handicap Casket Match: John “The Bomb” Bryer and Kactus d. The Lawless Alliance (“The Concept” Johnny Miyagi, “The Butcher” John Poe, and “The Dozer” Mark Mahoney) when Bryer threw The Dozer into the casket.

4/9 – Brewer, ME

1: Reed James d. “Rugged” Rick Daniels

– Bullmoose Calhoun vs “Mr. Canada” Ricky Williams was scheduled to unfold, but Williams attacked Bullmoose from behind, targeting his leg.

2: IWE Tag Team Championship Match: Capital Punishment (Foxx Vinyer and Rob Coleman) d. The Garrison Gang (Joe and Jeremy Garrison) via Double Spinebuster to retain the IWE Tag Team Championships

– After the match, John “The Bomb” Bryer and Kactus came out and challenged Capital Punishment to a No Holds Barred Match on the 29th

3: “The MegaMale” Kyle Huntley d. “Sports Illustrated Legend” Robbie Ellis using underhanded tactics

4: B.A. Tatum d. Crash Landing via The Dominator

5: “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas and ROH Champion “Diehard” Eddie Edwards d. DC Dillinger and Mark Moment w/ “The Manager of Champions” Sean Gorman

6: Jimmy Capone d. Cameron Mathews

– Post-match, Capone challenged Scotty “By God” Vegas to a Loser Leaves Town match on April 29th

7: Mercedes KV d. Mistress Belmont to win the IWE Woman’s Championship

8: The Final Confrontation (Final Match in Best of 5 Series): “The Concept” Johnny Miyagi w/ Marion Lawless d. Scott “Aces” Wild by submission via Reverse Cloverleaf. Due to pre-match stipulation, Wild must now join the Lawless Alliance.

9: Eric Adams d. Adam Badger

10: Mini Moose w/ Bullmoose Calhoun d. “Mr. Canada” Ricky Williams

11: Johnathan Alexander Primer d. “Mass Appeal” Jay Jaillet (c) to capture the IWE Heavyweight Championship after Primer put Jaillet through a table.

The next show is April 29th, the card is as follows:

Table Match for the IWE Championship
“Mass Appeal” Jay Jaillet vs Johnathan Alexander Primer (c)

ROH World Title Match
“Diehard” Eddie Edwards (c) vs Shane Alden

Lethal Lottery Battle Royal

Loser Leaves Town Match
Jimmy Capone vs Scotty “By God” Vegas

No Holds Barred Match for the IWE Tag Team Titles
Kactus and John “The Bomb” Bryer vs Capital Punishment (Foxx Vinyer and Rob Coleman) (c’s)

“Mr. Canada” Ricky Williams vs Reed James

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