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More Scott Hall comments: HBK, Nash, Mantel

– Shawn Michaels commented via Twitter on the Scott Hall situation: A lot of people have asked about Scott Hall. Simply put, its a private matter. He is getting help. All of us want the best 4 him.

– Dutch Mantel: To Scott Hall: Scott buddy…get yourself straightened out. You got a lot of friends…use them.

– Kevin Nash: Talked to Scott today,told him how many of you are upset.He is resting in a hospital,and had me laughing.Thought he was in the UK last nite

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4 Responses

  1. paul says:

    Im ALL for trying to get strait in PRIVATE and I have NOTHING but respect for HBK…BUT…when he comes stumbling into a ring in front of a full house, well then the privacy is out the window.

  2. Daniel says:


    He didn’t stumble into anything… They dragged him to the ring when they really shouldn’t have.

  3. John says:

    Come on now everyone. How long has this been going on with Hall? Far too long. This guy is going to be dead here real soon if he doesn’t get his act together. He used to be worth watching, now he isn’t worth even reading about, let alone watching.

  4. Hodizx23 says:

    Kevin Nash, Michael Hickenbottom, Paul Levesque, Terry Bollea, and others who are close to Scott Hall please organize an intervention before it’s too late and you have one less friend.

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