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More on the Scott Hall incident

Scott Hall had been in bad shape since at least Wednesday, leading into his disastrous independence appearance Friday night in Fall River, Massachusetts, and was certainly in poor condition the day of the show — unable to even sign autographs. Obviously, Hall had to be physically dragged to the ring to make his appearance. What isn’t commonly known, is that Hall did the show due to his dwindling financial situation.

As reported earlier, Hall had to be hospitalized after the event.

(source: The Wrestling Observer)

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  1. bob holly says:

    cmon hall. grow up. by now id have to imagine his family would rather go through the one tragic event of his death than the hundreds of tiny painful events like this over and over. i honestly dont understand the love for this guy either, fans love giving him chance after chance no matter how undeserved it is.

  2. Nuff Said says:

    Just because you think it is undeserved does not mean it is. Had this been one of your loved ones would you write them off or give them another chance? Everyone is entitled to being given more than one chance by people who give a rats fanny about them

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