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Kevin Nash comments on Scott Hall incident

Kevin Nash via Twitter:

“Scott is in the hospitial up north, I’ll be at the airport when he lands and taking him to my home when he lands. Please don’t judge Scott on what you just saw. He would give any of you a kidney. To the motherf*ckers that made a joke who would want his kidney lol send me your address and lets see how funny it is. He’s my brother we will get through this. To Scott’s fans thank you 4 your love you’re as special as he is.”

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7 Responses

  1. bob holly says:

    nursing him back to health so he can go out and get f’ed up again (which is the end result, it always is and you know it Kev) doesnt make you a good friend. it makes you a shameful sucker. there actually is a point where you just have to wash your hands of some people and let them travel their roads without you.

  2. Justin says:

    So bob… You’re telling me you wouldn’t even help your best friend? Sometimes some people need a restart on life

  3. Fairfax says:

    And what would Kevin Nash stand to gain if he did wash his hands of Scott Hall? I think if this posts shows anything its clearly that Kevin Nash is a good loyal friend to Scott Hall but also that he’s a good person. Nash could have washed his hands of Scott Hall a long time ago. Hall is a person no different than you or I. He’s got serious problems. And Scott Hall needs to make some serious changes in his life, that’s very obvious. Its a shame that he has to go through this in public. Can you imagine how he must feel right now? Scott Hall should not, absolutely should NOT be alone right now. And if Nash is going to open his home to Scott and is still willing to be there for him and try to help him get the help he so desperately needs then I say big sexy is alright by me. And didn’t bob holly get popped for stealing pain pills from MRRRRRRRRRRRRR Anderson? Haha, no flames guys. I just think we gotta take a few steps back from wrestling on this one and look at Scott Hall as a person.

  4. Danny says:

    Hope Scott will feel better he was always cool and talented no matter what happend in his personal life. Nobody can question his wrestling talent and his love for the business

  5. Brian Redban says:

    Ok this has to stop really..

  6. bob holly says:

    @justin if this was the 1000th time he f’ed himself up then yes. ive walked away from self destructive people before for less.

    @fairfax first of all, i ask you what does nash gain by standing with him…again? a better question is why are you looking for what nash has to GAIN from hall’s situation?? i have no pity for people who perpetuate their own problems and have their family and friends suffer for it. hall is and always has been about HALL…an extremely selfish individual, he reminds me so much of a friend who passed away named john. we were all there for him, helped through rehabs and so on. family and friends are NOT stronger than the drugs and addicts will do what they want regardless of who it hurts. hall will come out of this the same as every other time: He will clean up a little but then go right back to being a waste because he knows he can do anything and nash and all hall’s apologist fans will be there to pick him back up. thats the life of a selfish addict.

    if this was jake roberts or jeff hardy, the postings here would all be negative. but yet again, hall gets a free pass and well wishes…LOL.

  7. John says:

    I am sorry to say this but how many times does this have to happen? If Kevin Nash is there every time to pick Scott Hall up, will he ever quit doing this? Probably not. And if Nash were to stop helping, there would probably be someone else that would. And I guess that is a good thing, because Hall alone would end up killing himself. It just seems to me that by continually helping the guy, they are accidentally enabling the guy. He’s got some serious issues (hell, he’s had serious issues for years) that need to be dealt with but I just don’t think the man will ever change.

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