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Heat on an agent for the Cole-Lawler match at Wrestlemania

Internally, WWE has been examining last weekend’s Wrestlemania. There is heat on agent Dean Malenko since he was responsible for laying out the Michael Cole vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler Wrestlemania match. The feeling is that the match was not only bad, but also went on way too long — especially the amount of offense ring announcer Cole got in on Lawler.

There is also a lot of displeasure with the double count out finish in the main event – John Cena challenging The Miz for the WWE championship. As with most aspects of creative, Vince McMahon still makes the final calls. McMahon was upset the match order leaked out, and he made several changes during the weekend, and the decision to bump the Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan United States title match was made the day of the event.

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  1. Will Wolfe says:

    I agree that the match went WAY TOO LONG, but whoever thought having Cole in the ring was a good idea is an idiot to begin with. Would have been better off going with Lawler vs. Swagger with Lawler getting 5 minutes with Cole if he won.

  2. Max Amillion says:

    Why is Dean Malenko getting heat 4 this? wwe management/creative should take all the blame 4 letting cole have a match at mania. the guy is awful, he shouldn’t be anywhere near tv

  3. mth says:

    The match would have been fine if it were maybe a third of the length it was. Cut down Cole’s offense to strictly an ankle lock and the attempted Swagger Bomb off the turnbuckle (after only one interference from Swagger), otherwise, he should have been getting battered.

  4. Lendl says:

    Max Amillion, you’re dumb. I agree Cole shouldn’t have had a match at Wrestlemania, but for you to say the guy is awful and doesn’t belong on TV is ridiculous. He plays the character well and draws a lot of heat. I actually think Cole and Vickie draw more heat than most top level heels. Reguardless of his athletic ability, the guy has been announcing for WWE since 1997 so i think he’s earned his spot on TV. He’s the best announcer they have. You think Booker T is a better announcer than Cole? That’s the biggest joke of them all.

  5. Max Amillion says:

    Lendl – ever since cole has taken a more active role, he’s become an awful commentator. During wrestler entrances, he’ll be in character. He’ll talk trash about them (daniel bryan for example) but when the bell goes he switches in and out of character, slating them one minute then praising them the next. He’s horrible

  6. JUMBO says:

    Max- I think Cole does a amazing job in the role he has. During this normally boring PG-ERA I think Cole provides that so annoying its funny character WWE needs to stay interesting.

  7. Johnny ComeLately says:

    The problem is is that these segments are going on *way* too long for anyone to enjoy them. Sure let Cole be the heel you’ve been working on, but at this point in time, it’s overshadowing EVERYTHING thats going on on Raw and Smackdown! If WWE actually listened to its fans, they’d know Michael Cole is a talentless HACK. The company in general is going so downhill with changing this and that… the only ones who suffer are the fans.

  8. Kerry says:


    That’s because both are horrible & fans legitimately dislike their acts. Let’s face it about Vickie Guerrero, the only reason she has a job in WWE is because her husband died & someone felt sorry for her.

  9. dave says:

    Way to take the high road Kerry.

  10. jon says:

    vickie is just a heat machine, one of the best managers/valets ever i would say. She just does her job well. her and cm punk are the best heels in the biz today. Cole, im not sure about, what annoys me is he’s the lead announcer, and he does talk crap about wrestlers all the time while commentating, what it does, is ruin the match abit. if im the owner of the company (VINCE), what do i gain in having my lead announcer bury guys who are wrestling for me. announcers job is to get the talent over.. and cole doesnt do that, he just gets himself over. Cole needs to 1. be revealed as the GM already so he doesnt have to announce anymore or 2. become a manager and not announce anymore. if cole was a manager, JUST A MANAGER.. he can talk let em, but dont let em do it while a match is going on. It ruins the match and honestly makes me want to mute my tv or turn the channel… im not muting or turning the channel cuz the match is bad either, im muting or turning the channel cuz i cant stand michael cole whining all the time. thats not good heat. thats xpac go away heat he gets.

  11. Kevin says:

    Shouldn’t they review these things BEFORE the event and not after? Displeasure over a double count out finish in the championship main event at WrestleMania? And this is a shock?? This, the length of the Cole match, and many other things should have been discussed and discussed again days and weeks before the event, not days and weeks after.

  12. Jon W says:

    Should of brought Heidenreich back and took it out on Cole, lol.

  13. Xern says:

    I agree with Will Wolfe. The smarter thing to do would have been to give the 8-man tag an extra 5-10 minutes, instead of making it a quick squash, hence limiting the time for Cole/Lawler.

  14. JUMBO says:

    @Jon I think your wrong that IS GOOD HEAT. That “turn the channel” reaction is what their trying to get out of Cole that’s what makes him so…..And I quote “Awesome”.

  15. Adam says:

    Cole is a hack for sure. That being said, he is a heater for sure. I’m fine with his gimmick but I agree he needs to stop trashing talent throughout a match AND he should be revealed as GM already…you know that’s where it’s going. WM in general was a let down. There was talent that had no right being there (Snooki, althogh her finish was unexpected and impressive)vs. those that really could’ve made this show awesome such as Seamus and Bryan, etc. The only two matches I was really behind were HH/Taker and Edge/Alberto. Those matches were awesome!

  16. kev says:

    hey heres a plan how about take out time from the lawer match remove the 6 tag and do a money in the bank, but have two corre members (barret and jackson) in the match. and why doesnt anybody review the matches BEFORE they happen?

  17. ejames says:

    I think Wrestlemania truly sucked. No title changes and nothing interesting to keep on watching wrestling. I think that probably a John Morrison vs Miz match for the championship would have been better. The only match I enjoyed was Undertaker vs Triple H. Eliminating Money in the Bank also affected this PPV.

  18. Denis says:

    The sad thing is that both Cole and Vickie can generate more heat than any of the heel wrestlers. What does that say?

  19. mshelez says:

    I think Barrett gets a lot of heat. I think Ziggler is a good heel, too. The Miz is great as a heel but too many people like him these days so I don’t think he gets the right level of heat that he should. But Cole and Vickie are great at their jobs. Vickie didn’t get her job because Eddie died and someone felt sorry for her. She got her job because she is worthy of the position. If everyone was out there and we all liked them, what would be the point of watching? Where is the entertainment/wrestling/drama in that?

  20. Nuff Said says:

    Cole is a awesome heel, but after pissing off Swagger tonight he might be in for a bit of a surprise

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