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Video: Disturbing video of Scott Hall last night

From Zack Fisher:

The following is the video taken last night of an appearance by Scott Hall. He visibly appears to be in terrible shape cutting his promo. Former WWE Superstar Scotty 2 Hotty had commented on this incident later on calling Scott out on his drug and alcohol problems.

*Note: A week prior to the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, Scott Hall informed everyone that he would not attend the ceremony due to the chance of it placing him in an environment where he would be likely to drink again.

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9 Responses

  1. Agent Cooper says:

    Nice. Scott Hall is extremely reliable in the sense that you can always rely on him to show up wasted.

  2. Kerry says:

    I’m honestly Surprised Hall is still alive.

  3. eddie says:

    Another Former wwe star wasted at show but wwe stars a role models not

  4. reyo says:

    Why did they let him go out there in that condition?

  5. xyu says:

    Well, it is shades of Jeff Hardy.

  6. Randy Klemme says:

    any smart promoter would have never let the man go out and disgrace their show. it apparently was someone that didnt know how to handle the situation. sue the damn pants off to get the promoters money back….scott hall is a bum

  7. MAF says:

    Hall shouldn’t have gone on and did the show if he knew he wasn’t feeling well.

  8. DathNote81 says:

    They had to CARRY him out; but the funny part is–they CHOSE to.

  9. Captain A$$ says:

    How incredibly pathetic for Scott Hall. His reputation can’t possibly be tarnished anymore than it already has been. It’s a shame too, because all of his friends say he’s a great guy with a great heart. He just has demons, and it is surprising that he is still alive, just like Jake Roberts.

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