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Video: “Superstar” Billy Graham has strong words for Chris Jericho

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  1. Ali says:

    Bitter much?

  2. Kieren F. says:

    wow never heard a wrestler be so spiteful towards another and I never thought it would be towards chris jericho.

  3. O says:

    Hmm… What he’s saying is interesting though. I don’t know both sides, I won’t judge, but hearing him talk is interesting.

  4. Brett says:

    What a jackass. I don’t even think spiteful is the word to use to describe this man. I don’t know Jericho personally, but I highly doubt he’s done anything to garner this kind of hatred. Billy Graham definitely doesn’t make himself look or sound good in this interview. And it certainly doesn’t help his cause.

  5. Diogo says:

    Okay……Billy Grahm you are oficially on drugs!!! We have can have our own opinion and obviously some opinions hurts too much!!!

    But wishing death to another person, well that take ALL your credebility!!!
    First Larry Zbyszko, now you LOOOOOOL!!! “Your death is coming soon”, well i think the world of wrestling will se your death way before!!!!!
    Just a opinion

  6. reddheadbulldog says:

    Would this be considered threatening, if i were Jericho i would look into that

  7. Beatnik says:

    Ok, wow… This seemed relevant until about 5:52 in the second video, and he just kind of loses his mind. Seriously? Heart of a devil? Dark and evil? Burning in hell, where he belongs? My lord…

    And even as I’m talking about this, I’m still listening to him blather on… Talks about Muslims and cutting out his tongue and watching him die?


  8. Tony says:

    I began weight-lifting at age 14 in 1984. Steroids were VERY available, however, I once saw Super star on WWF’s saturday morning TV show getting a hip operation. He said then steroids rotted his hip bones and reduced them into black mushy ooze. Since seeing that I’ve NEVER touched the stuff. I thank Super star, I’m 41 now and still work out and still healthy and 100%steroid all because of his WARNING on WWF saturday morning Superstar. Through his pain I was saved!

  9. John says:

    Geez, Billy. Wanting to cut his tongue in half and watch him die is not despicable? Man, old dude needs to chill out. How can you be a born again Christian and wish death upon anyone. Not sure that jives together. Sounds like something is rotting his brain.

  10. Steve says:

    Billy Graham has become a sad shell of his former self. I don’t know that Jericho is a good person but still as others have said, he lost all credibility when he wished death upon him. Sad, sad man.

  11. Nick says:

    This is sad. To call yourself a Christian minister and then turn around and condemn someone to hell is pretty much the exact opposite of what he claims to be.

    Perhaps Superstar should stop reveling in his past accomplishments, move past the need to cut promos, and actually come to terms with being an old star on his last legs.

  12. Bob says:

    Jericho did make a lot of bold comments in his book about several wrestlers. Hell, read his book enough and he himself paints himself as a brash, cocky man who at times can be humble. Granted Billy Graham’s response was a little bit over the top, but the man is dying. Anyone who has ever been around someone who is dying a slow death knows there mind can slip in and out.

  13. boorrong says:

    i can’t remember the story, but when jesus resurrected, after being called a hasbeen and all that nasty stuff by pontius pilatus…didn’t he cut pontius tongue in half so he would bleed to death and jesus could finally spit on his grave??? i’m not sure about that…quite exaggerating, after being so thoughtful in the first part. sometimes you should just stop talking.

  14. CreativeControl says:

    Billy is just a bitter old man that needs to crawl in a hole and die

  15. mike t says:

    I like to play them both at once

  16. Captain A$$ says:

    I don’t think Billy has anything else to do now besides wanting to pick up some dirt on people and go on the net and trash talk them. Jericho, however, should have acknowledged in his book that Billy did help WWE in distancing them from the double murder/suicide. Billy’s comments after that were way over the top and harsh, and all because he was called a has been. Get over yourself, “Superstar”…live the rest of your weeks, months or years in happiness, not bitterness.

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