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Vince McMahon comments on WWE rebranding

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The Los Angeles Times is featuring an article with quotes from Vince McMahon regarding the official announcement of WWE rebranding this week.

“I think every brand has to re-create itself. I want everyone to look at us in a vastly different way than they have. It is a logical broadening of what we already do. No one does television production better than we do, it’s damn near the Olympics. We know more about live event touring than anyone in the United States.”

Full interview:
WWE CEO Vince McMahon talks about rebranding his company

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13 Responses

  1. Austin says:

    What exactly does that mean?

  2. Agent Cooper says:

    “I want everyone to look at us in a vastly different way than they have.”

    You can remove the word “wrestling” from the WWE, but people are ALWAYS going to identify the WWE as a wrestling company first and foremost. Vince is clearly delusional if he thinks the mainstream is going to ever view them as anything but “that wrestling company”. It’s kind of sad actually the lengths they’re going to be accepted by people who are NEVER going to accept them.

  3. michael woods says:

    i long for the good old days of wrestling vince is disgracing this buisness and his father, who named it the wwf world wrestling federation i guess next he,ll have wrestlers wear bedroom shoes to the ring shame on you vince mcmahon its wrestling it will always be wrestling if you want to be an entertainer move to hollywood ca

  4. Fairfax says:

    They call it KFC, cause its not really chicken…

  5. Common Sense says:

    @Fairfax…Kentucky Fried Cats?

  6. advo319 says:

    @michael woods – you are wrong. Vincent J. McMahon owned World WIDE Wrestling Federation. Vincent K. McMahon took the Wide out and made it World Wrestling Federation in 1979-1980.

  7. Nick says:

    KFC is chicken and it was branded like that to get the Southern feeling out of the name, not the chicken part.

    People are seriously overreacting about the rebranding. Outside of mention of the company’s name and Wrestlemania, WWE hasn’t used the word wrestle in years. They haven’t referred to their talent as wrestlers for something like two decades.

    This is all about them trying to move in to more original television and movie programming and making it clear that they’re not JUST wrestling than anything else. Until they start producing episodes of RAW with little or no wrestling, I think there’s going to be little change in how they release their current product.

  8. dave says:

    The amount of wrestling on TV and recently on PPVs has declined to make way for more skits and entertainment segments, so Nick…I don’t think wrestling fans are overreacting at all

  9. Matt says:

    @ NICK

    Go back and watch wrestling back when Vince’s father owned it! It was always about wrestling! We, the fans, are not over reacting..its really a simple answer as to what its about..Vince Kennedy Mcmahon is about GREED! He has forgotten the foundation that his empire was built upon.

  10. JK says:

    Wasn’t there a show called Primetime Wrestling, which had a zillion skits, 2 or 3 5 minutes squash matches and inbetween humor from Gorilla and the Brain? What are you people overreacting for? Nothing has changed in 20 years!

  11. -Jay- says:

    WWE…not a huge leap “re-create the business” blah blah, but don’t ostracize your core audience.

    Hey Vince might want to recall the last 3 letter “brand” he established on the hopes of it getting over huge…XFL anyone?

  12. N. Gaijin says:


    but isn’t that what the internet is for?

    overreacting I mean… not entertainment

  13. Michael says:

    KFC went KFC because they wanted to get away from “Fried” since fried foods are labeled to be bad for you. Any who, just remember the wrestling industry runs in cycles. One day it will be ghuge again just as it was during the attitude era.

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