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The Ultimate Fighter 13 – Episode 2 Recap

by Jake Cardwell

We start off with a recap of last weeks Shamar Bailey vs. Nordin Asrih bout.

At a Team Dos Santos training session, the focus is on conditioning. Junior says he wants either Javier or Ramsey to fight next. Keon appears to be struggling in the gym, Junior says he needs to push harder. Keon says his mind is back home with his family.

Lesnar says he expected the loss, due to the match up, and says he is doing all he can to improve his teams wrestling, which many of the guys appear to lack.

Keon talks to Junior and wants to go home. Junior is dumbfounded, but tries to convince Keon to stay. Dana arrives at the gym during practice, looking for Keon. He asks Keon if he wants to be a fighter, and to focus. Keon agrees and says he will ‘do what I gotta do’

Fight Announcement: Javier Torres vs. Chris Cope, the two men have a nice staredown, during which Cope was shaking. Lew Polley, the wrestling coach for Team Dos Santos, mentions that he knows Cope personally, and he is only a part time fighter, and Javier should get the win.

Javier tells the story about how he became a fighter. He finished school at his mothers request, and became a boxer in Mexico before coming to the States to train in MMA.

After a hard training session, Keon decides he wants to leave. Dos Santos does not agree, and is disappointed, saying it was a bad choice. Dana says the only positive is that it happened early, and a replacement who really wants to opportunity can be brought in early enough to have a real shot.

Chris Cope talks about the difficulties that come with being a part time fighter, but vows to give it his all and make it a fight. Lesnar says Chris has yet to ‘wow’ him.

Lesnar gives his team a pep talk, saying that all the greats have a loss, and that anyone can win on any day. He tells Chris to seize the moment, and that he can win the fight. Great moment from Brock. Team Lesnar members don’t know if Chris can win.

Before the fight, Chris relaxes by reading a letter his wife gave him, and holding onto a stuffed animal that belongs to his daughter. Javier talks about how he wants to win so his unborn daughter can have a good life.

Elimination Match #2: Javier Torres (Team Dos Santos Pick 2) vs. Chris Cope (Team Lesnar Pick 6)

Round 1: Torres leaps in with a few punches and forces Cope into the fence. Torres fights for double under hooks, and the two exchange knees. Little going on against the fence, and Cope is able to spin off the fence and get away. Cope lands a nice combination. Torres clinches, and lands a nice throw. As Cope tries to stand, Torres takes his back, but loses it and they go back to clinching. They break shortly after. Very nice one-two by Cope makes Torres clinch again. Good elbow inside by Torres. Cope reverses the clinch, and lands two very strong elbows. Cope blocks an attempted throw. Nice knee by Torres as the separated. A missed leg kick by Cope closes the very close opening round. 10-9 Torres, but not by much.

Round 2: Cope comes out with a combination, and forces Torres into the fence. Torres breaks and lands a few shots on the way out. Good kicks by Torres. Cope lands a head kick, and Torres clinches. They go back and forth between who is against the fence several times, with Cope landing knees to the legs and body. Cope lands a nice elbow. An elbow by Torres cuts Cope under his left eye. Cope pushes forward with strikes, and Torres tries to clinch. This is repeated several times. A leg kick makes Cope slip briefly. Nothing is landing flush, but Cope is throwing a lot more strikes that Torres, and when the clinching is back and forth, volume of strikes wins the round. 10-9 Cope.

Round 3: Cope appears to have more left in the tank coming into the round. They trade leg kicks to start. Superman punch, then kick by Torres misses. Torres clinches, but Cope quickly reverses. Cope avoids a throw, and almost gets on top, but Torres is able to stand. Torres calls for the ref, claiming a low blow, but Herb Dean says no. Torres eats a low blow, and there is a brief pause. Cope is stealing this fight, as Torres is fading. They break, and Cope lands a solid punch. Cope lands more punches, and reverses another attempted clinch. Cope pushes Torres off. Cope lands a punch as Torres goes to clinch, and Torres is once again reversed. Good uppercut by Cope. Lots of knees and short elbows by Cope. The round ends against the fence. 10-9 Cope. Very close fight.

Winner: Chris Cope (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

This fight was very close, and in the end, conditioning pulled Cope through. In the locker room, Lesnar throws Chris’ daughter’s doll to him as he celebrates.

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  1. Ian says:

    Torres was so gassed in the 3rd round he was looking for excuses…the so called low blow that got Herb Dean to stop action wasn’t even close to being a low blow…he was on the side of his leg…I think Dean humored him by stopping the bout for a bit but he never got hit anywhere near being a low blow.

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