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Top stars fined at Wrestlemania

The Undertaker and Triple H were both announced as being fined an undisclosed amount for the chair shot to the head delivered by Hunter, since it is against company policy.

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  1. Bey74 says:

    Pure PR. They won’t fine them. It was probably Vince’s idea in the first place.

  2. Captain A$$ says:

    @Vic Venom…actually, I have had the nickname of Captain Ass on the net for 20 years. As for both hands taking the FULL brunt of a chair shot, that’s not accurate. I have interviewed many wrestlers in the past and they said hands block maybe 50% of the shot, but that it also depends on how hard the shot is delivered.

  3. raven12516 says:

    So if Triple H did the chair shot, why is Taker getting fined?

  4. Pinkie Granger says:

    A hoax I tell you! I am really going to believe that Vince is going to fine these two. Lol!

  5. Will Wolfe says:

    Most likely the “fine” was actually making them take Vickie Guerrero to dinner and having to listen to her talk the whole night.

  6. Robin says:

    Oh my god really !! vince is fining them!!!
    … and we wonder why chris benoit died. yes it looks cool but its actually life threatening.. espescially for someone around 50 years old like the undertaker.

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