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Backstage heat on Melina and Morrison?

– Dave Meltzer is reporting that there is backstage heat on both Melina and John Morrison right now. Both felt that Trish took Melina’s spot at Wrestlemania and have been giving her the cold shoulder since her return. Morrison even turned down various ideas she had for the angle as well as matches. Many feel that this will hurt both Morrison and Melina since Trish is so highly regarded backstage.

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  1. -Jay- says:

    Oh well, if true roll with the punches and be mad that a Jersey whore umpa lumpa stole your spotlight.

  2. Agent Cooper says:

    It’s pretty obvious Melina has been in the doghouse for a while after she complained on her Twitter account about being turned heel. And then there was that incident where they were both 86’d from a club a couple weeks back. And now this.

  3. Denis says:

    WWE is missing the boat with Morrison. He could be another HBK.

  4. Christian says:

    Morrison in T.N.A.? 😛

  5. DJ Reign says:

    Last time Melina wrestled wasn’t she a heel gimmick? WEhy would they have placed her in a team with morrison & snooki vs Lay-Cool & Ziggler?

  6. Anony-mouse says:

    @Christian… He’s not that stupid.

  7. dick says:

    he’ll always be jphnny nitro to me

  8. Melissa says:

    I agree with someone else that said that Melina has been booked as a heel so it really wouldn’t make sense to put her in that match. Even if Trish didnt come back, I doubt it would be Melina they’d put up. Probably Nattie, Eve, Beth, or Kelly…people that have had something against Vickie or Laycool in recent history.

  9. Christian says:

    @Anony-mouse Well i hope so. And i route for Morrison to become World champ in W.W.E.
    Because he deserves it.

  10. T. says:

    Um, yeah, such a lie.

    Melina sees Trish as being the best of the best as far as women in wrestling are concerned. Trish actually supported her back in 2005/2006 and proposed angles for her. And Melina went out of her way to go to Trish’s yoga place to train.

    Of course, this is probably a good sign tbh. Practically every time Melina supposedly has ‘backstage heat’ according to these, ahem, ‘sources’, she ends up getting a push. Hopefully history repeats itself.

  11. Ollie says:

    Morrison wont be champion anytime soon, he has limited mike skills. The idea of comparing him to HBK then or now is laughable.

  12. advo319 says:

    @dick Johnny “Don’t call me Monday” Nitro XD

  13. Danny says:

    They are both over with Fans so they will be used but maybe not in the greatest roles.
    On Morrison not being a World Champ because of Mic Skills: Too much talent to not give him the belt.

  14. rex says:

    What’s John Finnigan and Melissa doing in the Impact Zone??!!??

  15. T says:

    Wait so it makes no sense to have Melina team cause she is a heel but it’s OK for Kane to team with the faces at WM?

  16. brody says:

    its hennigan…..john hennigan

  17. Denis says:

    Why is comparing Morrison to HBK laughable? Morrison has more athletic skill at this stage of his career than Michaels did at his. Having watched both from their rookie days until now (and having actually been involved in the wrestling world), I see a lot of Michaels in Morrison. True, he needs to work on his mic skills, but he is over with the fans, and many of them are wondering why he hasn’t been given a title run yet.

  18. Brodus Clay Jr says:

    @Ollie..your kidding right? You don’t think Moriosn could be the next HBK? Sure his mic skills are limited, but lets be serious, name 5 guys more naturally gifted atheleticlly then Morrison in the WWE?

    Shelton Benjamin and maybe Kofi are the only guys that ring a bell in the Natural talent catagorey…. Morrison out shines them both and if you think otherwise… then you should rewatch… Any MITB match Shelton was in, then look at Kofi at WM 26 MITB match and compare that to Morrison’s Royal Rumble Highlight and also don’t you remember when Morrison was in the MITB and did the Moonsault to the outside while holding the ladder? Come on man… Morrison is as close to HBK as this generation will get at this point…

  19. E-Ry says:

    I agree, Morrison is a possible HBK, just not a promo guy. Too bad he’s starting too slip. I really hope to see; Morrison, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Dibiase, and Bourne, as the future of the WWE.

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