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WWE Tough Enough debuts to 3.3 million viewers

“WWE Tough Enough” debuted to 3.33 million viewers last night, and a 1.5 rating With Adults 18-49. Tough Enough becomes the #2 new reality series premiere of the year on cable in P18-49 and P18-34.

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  1. advo319 says:

    We shall see if they can keep up these numbers. I personally hope so.

  2. Max Amillion says:

    Tough enough draws a bigger crowd than TNA? Proves how awful the alcoholic/druggie organisation really is. I hope Vince doesn’t buy them out, because then they’ll make something out of being cr*p

  3. mmggirl says:

    Well one reason it would beat TNA out is that it was on RIGHT AFTER RAW! Plus, you put the name WWE on anything and put it on virtually any channel at virtually any time (especially right before or after one of their main shows) and it’ll draw big numbers. It’s people who either wanted to see Austin, are excited about TE, or saw more wres…I mean entertainment…coming up after Raw.

    Point is, the word WWE will draw in fans. Plus, it doesn’t show how bad TNA is. Just look at the UK rating numbers. Either they’re more sick of the Cena/Miz/Cole type crap than Americans are, or they truly think TNA is superior.

    Either way, no one can really compare the companies. One has millions upon millions to waste and will still draw money. The other can barely pay their wrestlers enough to keep them semi-happy. It’s a no-brainer who would win.

  4. john says:

    sorry to say but you have to pay top £££ to see the wwe in the uk as its on sky sports
    but tna is on free tv that all of the uk can see
    so its a crap number

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