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The Rock and Cena comment after Raw

Both The Rock and John Cena commented after Raw via Twitter:

CeNation. I truly can not believe what happened tonight. Only in the WWE. WM 28. HERE WE COME!

TEAM BRING IT – Wrestlemania 28 Miami, FL. – The People’s Champ…The People’s City…The People’s Wrestlemania. IT’S OUR TIME..

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  1. Filip-Valentin CLEM says:

    Thank you for your reports and news covering pro-wrestling since 1997. Thank you!

    Regarding CENA-ROCK at WM 28, I hope that Macho Man Randy Savage will referee … just a thought.:)
    Thank you and Goodbye!

  2. Filip-Valentin CLEM says:

    I think that at present time the pro-wrestling world needs a major change or improvement. It seems to lack direction.
    Neither WWE’s heavy media entertainment orientation, nor TNA’s reminiscence of the 90’s and 2000’s wrestling product, nor ROH’s efforts can provide a solution for progress, for advancement for the entire pro-wrestling world. Japan’s puroresu or Mexico’s lucha are burned out as well.
    Time will tell … what the future holds.

  3. -Jay- says:

    Hey Fruity Pebbles got his dream match, it was a good moment on RAW and it gave the kiddies their hope back in their boring hero.

  4. G3 says:

    i cant wait until cena beats the rock and to piss the cena haters off

  5. dooman says:

    i hope zena gets hurt and they pick someone who the rock doesn’t have to carry for 30 mins

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